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activating the Live Super Control Panel (SCP) in Olympus cameras


  • the Live Super Control Panel (SCP) is the most useful user interface for accessing and adjusting the main camera settings
  • it has an additional benefit in that the items can be accessed via touch on the LCD screen
  • unfortunately, Olympus decided that it should be deactivated by default and newbies get stuck using other interfaces such as LiveControl which is quite frustrating and not adjustable via touch and does not show your AF area setting, nor your Fn1 button setting, nor the contrast/sharpness/gradation/saturation setting.
    • the Live Control is more handy in Movie mode as it also allows adjustment of audio volume and video quality - neither of which are displayed in the Live SCP
  • it is active by default on the Olympus OM-D E-M1 mark II

The Live SCP:


activating the Live SCP

  • Menu:Cogs:D:Control Settings:
    • P/A/S/M: Live SCP = ON
  • then whilst viewing image in taking mode, you access the LCP by repeatedly pressing INFO button (one press suffices unless you have RC Mode on in which case that control panel displays first)
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