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Olympus O.I. Share smartphone app

compatible smartphones

  • Apple iOS versions 4.3 -7.0
    • MB. iPhone4 / iPad2 / iPod touch ( third-generation ) or former models cannot play movie files on the smartphone because these models do not support full HD movies.
  • Android 2.2-4.3

compatible cameras

  • Olympus OM-D E-M1
  • Olympus OM-D E-M10
  • Olympus PEN E-PL7?
  • Olympus PEN E-P5
  • Olympus STYLUS 1, TG-3, and SH-1
  • ANY brand camera which can use a FlashAir card BUT the only functions available are Import Photos and Edit Photo
    • Olympus cameras: E-PL5, E-PM2, XZ-2, XZ-10, TG-2, TG-830, TG-630, SH-50 and SZ-16, TG-850 and SP-100

m.Zuiko zoom lens that can have zoom operated wirelessly

  • Olympus m.Zuiko 12-50mm f3.5-5.6 EZ
  • Olympus m.Zuiko 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 EZ

setting the app to connect

  • download and install app on your smartphone / tablet:
  • make sure your smartphone is NOT connected to a WiFi system but that WiFi is turned ON
  • on the camera:
    • menu:spanner:WiFi Settings = Private
    • menu:playback:Connect to Smartphone or touch the WiFi icon on the Live View screen
      • camera will display a QR barcode plus Wifi name and password (for manual setup on smartphone)
  • now open the smartphone o.i.share app
    • at bottom of app there is a camera WiFi icon which by default is OFF, click on this then click on Easy Setup
    • press Scan
    • point the smartphone rear camera at the camera's barcode and when the barcode is read, press Install
    • in iOS, this will bring up an Install Profile on the smartphone - press Install then Install Now, then enter your smartphone's PIN code, then press Done
    • it should now connect - if it says cannot find camera and camera WiFi is clearly on, you probably forgot to turn off smartphone's WiFi conection to your home WiFi
      • go to smartphone settings, WiFi and select the camera WiFi then go back to OIShare app and it should now be functioning (icon at bottom should say ON)


  • WiFi must be set to “Private”
    • seems there is a bug in current version which doesn't allow the “One Time” setting
    • on the camera, go to Menu:Spanner:WiFiSettings
  • smartphone cannot be connected to another WiFi
    • if the Wi-Fi connection does not work after scanning the QR code on the camera monitor with a Smartphone using the OI.Share Easy Setup, confirm the Wi-Fi setting on your Smartphone.
    • your Smartphone may already be connected to a different Wi-Fi network (e.g. home LAN ) or Wi-Fi device. In the Wi-Fi setting of your Smartphone, switch the network connection to the SSID (network name) that begins with the model name of your camera
  • manual WiFi set up
  • saving photos to smartphone from live view remote control
    • when you take a photo, the preview of the taken photo will display on the smartphone BUT will NOT be automatically saved to the phone, if you want to save it to the smartphone's camera roll:
      • on the preview screen, click the transfer file icon
      • or, go to the Import Photo function of the app to access prior images taken (jpgs only)
  • only uses jpegs and png - not RAW files:
    • the application only shows and shares JPG images on the camera to your device. So if you shoot RAW it won't see those. If you don't shoot RAW+JPG, if you want to share a particular photo on your camera, you will need to go into the camera menu and “edit” the desired photo to generate a JPG to see it on your phone or tablet via O.I.Share.
    • can apply art filters only to JPEG and PNG files
    • maximum image size saved by the app in the smartphone is 2048 x 1536 pixels
  • it now automatically syncs your camera's date and time to your smartphone
    • In previous versions the application had a menu item that allowed you to sync your camera's time & date to the phone's. By having the menu item the choice was left up to you. The latest version removed this menu item and now when you connect your camera to O.I.Share it automatically “fixes” your camera date & time regardless if you wanted it adjusted. You are not given an option. This can be annoying if you purposely prefer your camera set to a certain time zone that isn't the local one or do not like it changing time zones as you move around on a trip. If you want something different then you have to remember to adjust the time back after you exit the application.
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