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Using your Olympus OM-D cameras tethered to a computer

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  • generally “tethering” does NOT allow live streaming as a webcam - you generally need special software for this or a Video Capture card so your camera becomes an available “camera” option within your streaming software - see using your digital camera as a webcam


  • professional photographers in studio shoots often prefer to work with their cameras tethered to a computer which enables:
    • immediate display of the taken image on the computer for closer analysis of adequacy of the image especially when checking for focus accuracy, subject movement blur and blown highlights
    • immediate computer copy of the RAW file as insurance against card failure
  • most need to use a long USB cable BUT you do need a special cable to avoid signal loss:

Olympus Capture software

  • Olympus capture software is a free download for owners of Olympus cameras
  • it allows one to see a live view of the camera and remotely adjust camera settings and focus point plus trigger the shutter or movie from the computer
  • this can be achieved via the supplied USB cable (NOT the HDMI cable) or via WiFi
  • set your camera's USB mode to the PC-camera icon
  • it can be used with Lightroom using LR's Auto Import function accessing the same folder as Olympus Capture and then LR can automatically move them to your preferred destination, and add import settings and keywords automatically:
  • ONLY the latest OM-D cameras support tethered shooting:
    • all E-M1 models (mark I requires Firmware 2.0 or later)
    • E-M5 Mark II or later
    • E-M1X

Olympus Workspace software

  • this does not allow the tethered capture as for Olympus Capture but does allow a range of options such as:
    • transferring files from the camera to the computer AFTER they have been taken (camera's USB option to Auto or Storage)
    • Raw Edit mode - which allows you to edit the RAW files on your camera from your computer (camera's USB option needs to be set to Raw Edit)
    • update the camera's firmware
    • image editing (and basic movie editing)
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