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Olympus Time mode


  • another long exposure mode pioneered by Olympus in their Micro Four Thirds system
  • essentially allows one to press the shutter release to start the exposure then when you think it has had enough exposure, you simply press the shutter release again
  • note: Olympus Live Composite mode may be even more useful for you!


  • in the Menu, set:
    • Cogs E. Exp/ISO: BULB/TIME Timer to your maximum desired exposure duration (1-30 minutes)
    • Cogs E. Exp/ISO: Live TIME to OFF (otherwise you get Olympus Live Time mode)
  • set IS to OFF (assuming you are using a tripod)
  • select Manual exposure mode on the PASM dial
  • select ISO and aperture
  • set shutter to Live Time
  • press the shutter release to start the exposure
  • watch the screen
  • press the shutter release to end the exposure
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