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Canon EF 135mm f/2.0L lens


  • one of my favorite Canon lenses
  • introduced in 1996
  • on my 1.3x crop Canon 1D Mark III digital SLR it gives an even longer effective focal length (176mm) but I love it for 3/4 length fashion shots when you want to blur the background and you have 3m or so to spare from camera to subject, but it also works very well as a portrait lens with its shallow depth of field (DOF) and lovely bokeh
  • it is very susceptible to flare so using the big lens hood is almost mandatory in any light!
  • sharpness improves as you stop down so by f/4 the 5D sensor resolution is limiting sharpness, no longer the lens.
  • a great portrait lens, especially for indoor performance photography but too long for the cropped sensors for indoor portraits
  • it can be used via adapter on an Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera to give an effective 270mm f/2.0 image stabilised manual focus lens (yes I know the DOF is more like a 270mm f/4 lens but when shooting at 270mm focal length you don't generally want shallower DOF than f/4)


  • $A1879; 750g; 72mm filter;
  • NOT weather sealed!
  • min. focus 0.9m ⇒ 0.19x magnification on full frame
  • USM rear focusing AF with full-time MF
  • focus limiter switch - full range or just 1.6m to infinity
  • 10 Elements in 8 Groups, two UD elements, internal floating design
  • designed to be used with EF extenders - 1.4x or 2x with “minimal” loss of image quality
  • at 3m focus distance, at f2.0, depth of field (DOF) is still only ~6cm on a full frame camera
  • supplied with ET-78 II bayonet lens hood which is indispensible with this lens


some of my photos with this lens

scroll down and then place mouse over blank area at bottom of images to load next 20 images set

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