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Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L fisheye zoom lens


  • a unique lens introduced in 2011
  • world 1st fisheye zoom lens going from a circular fisheye at 8mm to a 180deg diagonal view covering the full frame at 15mm


  • 8mm circular fisheye zooming to 15mm rectilinear fisheye
  • LIMIT switch prevents the lens from zooming any wider than 10mm
  • gives full frame fisheye at 10mm on APS-C cameras, at 12mm on APS-H cameras and at 15mm on full frame cameras
  • 14 elements in 11 groups, 1x aspherical and 1x UD element, floating system
  • flourine coating to reduce fingermarks, etc
  • rear gelatin drop-in filter slot
  • IR marker
  • 7 rounded blades
  • USM AF with full time MF
  • close focus 0.15m giving 0.34x magnification
  • 78.5mm x 83mm long
  • 540g
  • plastic bayonet hood and lens cap attaches to hood - both must be removed at 8mm
  • weather sealing at mount
  • $US1400


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