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Canon FD 85mm f/1.2 lenses


  • manual focus Canon FD pro lens manufactured 1976-1987 and was replaced by the Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L USM lenses
  • early versions 1976-1980 (version I) were named S.S.C to denote the coating as the “L” naming had not commenced and it was promoted as the world's brightest telephoto lens and the first 85mm telephoto lens to incorporate a compensation mechanism or floating lens element design within to reduce aberrations at closer focus distances
  • Canon FD lenses cannot be used on Canon EOS camera system as the flange distance does not enable long distance focus without using an optical adapter which does degrade the image quality
  • initial Canon FD mount version is an annoying breech-lock mount style
  • new FD mount L version (FDn) released in March 1980 was designed to allow shutter-priority AE and thus no longer had a manual aperture ring as aperture was now controlled by the camera
  • it can be used on most mirrorless camera systems although the L version loses aperture control without special lens adapters
  • optical design is different to the newer EF versions and have a much smaller diameter rear element than the two EF versions making it easier to convert the lens mount to Sony (conversion is impossible with the EF lens as rear elements diameter is larger than the Sony mount diameter)

original version - image courtesy of


  • 85mm f/1.2
  • 8 elements in 6 groups incl. 1x ASPH
  • Super-Specta Coating
  • S.S.C version has aperture ring, the FDn L version does not
  • S.S.C version has 9 blades while the FDn L version (and EF versions) has 8 blades
  • 72mm filter
  • close focus 0.9m giving 0.12x magnification (1m giving 0.10x on version I)
  • 80.8mm x 71mm
  • 756g (version I) / 680g (FDn L)
  • main issue is vignetting and long. CA


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