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Canon EOS R5


  • a long awaited full frame mirrorless camera from Canon which will compete against the Sony a7R IV
  • this is Canon's 1st camera ever (along with the Canon EOS R6 released at the same time) which has ALL the major features that I care about in a camera:
    • relatively light
    • excellent weathersealing
    • sensor-shift image stabilisation
    • minimal rolling shutter with usable video and electronic fast burst modes of 20fps with C-AF
    • accurate and reliable eye tracking AF covering most of the frame
    • rear swivel touch screen
    • 4K video
    • 1080HD video to 120p
    • excellent ergonomics
    • plus they have added a few nice extras which are expected in 2020:
      • USB-C charging
      • high resolution EVF albeit at the expense of battery life and price
      • Bluetooth, WiFi
      • animal eye AF tracking
    • plus some high end features:
      • 4K to 120p
      • 8K 30p video with option of RAW video
      • optional holder with ethernet port


  • announced July 2020
  • 45mp, new 16 point low pass filter; “1EV more dynamic range than the Canon R” and improved rolling shutter;
  • shutter curtain optionally closes on power down to protect sensor from dust when changing lenses;
  • “6-8EV” IBIS with dual sync with OIS lenses but no pixel shift HiRes mode
  • 12fps mechanical shutter burst rate to 180 RAW with CF Express card
  • 20fps electronic shutter burst rate
  • 5.6mdot 0.76x EVF (similar to Sony a7RIV)
  • 35mp 8K 30p RAW or 4:2:2 10 bit c-log no crop HR265 video Dual Pixel AF
  • 4K 120p 4:2:2 10 bit log no crop HR265 video Dual Pixel AF; no 4K RAW;
  • max. record times before overheating at 23degC ambient temperature:
    • 8K 30p 20 minutes
    • 4K 120p 15min; 4K 60p no crop 35 minutes (29m 59sec + 5m);
    • 4K 30p not affected by heat unless high quality mode in which case 30min limit
  • zebra exposure warnings for 1st time on a Canon stills camera at last!
  • top LCD, 2mdot fully articulated rear touchscreen, rear joystick
  • mode button requiring LCD screen instead of a PASM dial.
  • weathersealing same level as Canon 5DIV and the Canon R
  • -6EV AF, 100% 1053 Dual Pixel AF II coverage with human and animal selectable eye, head, face AF tracking
  • can AF with central pixels with lens apertures down to f/22
  • flash sync only 1/200th sec;
  • 2 card slots - type b CF Express + UHS-II SD
  • USB-C charging; micro HDMI port; dual band WiFi;
  • new LP-E6NH 2130mAh battery;
  • opt. BGR10 dual battery grip works also on the R6.
  • opt. WFT-R10a grip with ethernet port (does not fit the R6)
  • re-designed menu;
  • inherits the ability to output 10-bit HDR HEIF files for stills and video from the 1D X Mark III
  • larger and heavier and battery life not as good as the Sony a7RIV;
  • $US3900
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