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Canon TS-E 90mm f/2.8L tilt shift macro lens


  • announced Aug 2017
    • this older model is:
      • half the price
      • almost half the weight 565g vs 915g
      • shorter 88mm vs 117mm
      • not as sharp or as optically corrected but nevertheless this is a very sharp lens even wide open (comparable sharp to Canon EF 100mm L but not as sharp as a Zeiss 100mm)
      • can use tele-extenders whereas apparently the new one can't
      • uses 58mm filters instead of 77mm
      • close focus 0.5m instead of 0.39m
      • different optical design with almost half the number of elements and groups
      • no extra coatings
      • 8 blades not 9 blades
      • aperture to f/32 not f/45 but then sharpness at f/32 is already less than half while at f/45 it falls to a quarter of maximum sharpness
      • arguably nicer, less busy bokeh


  • 90mm full frame manual focus lens
  • Maximum tilt: +/- 10°
  • Maximum shift: +/- 12mm
  • coating
  • close focus 1.3' giving 1:2 macro
  • 77mm filter
  • 916g (2.01lbs)
  • $US2199
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