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troubleshooting: camera not working, unresponsive

The problem

  • camera suddenly becomes unresponsive and stops working

Potential causes and solutions

  • camera is accidentally recording a video
    • in this situation, you should be seeing an active live view image and REC should be displayed
    • stop the video recording by pressing the REC button or perhaps the shutter button on some cameras
  • camera is taking a long exposure
    • this may have occurred if the lens cap is on, or it is very dark such as with night astrophotography
    • note that most cameras by default will also take a second long exposure after the first - this is called a dark frame image and is used by the camera to reduce long exposure sensor heat-induced noise from the first image
    • some cameras such as the Olympus OM-D E-M1 mark II displays a live update of how much longer the second image exposure will take
    • DO NOT turn the camera off unless you are happy to lose the image and potentially corrupt the memory card
  • buffer is full
    • this usually occurs after you have shot a burst of images, and the camera is still saving them to the memory card
    • the camera should display a waiting icon
    • DO NOT turn the camera off unless you are happy to lose all these images and potentially corrupt the memory card
    • INSTEAD, WAIT until the buffer empties
  • battery is flat
    • replace battery with a fresh battery
  • camera's algorithms hit a brick wall
    • this occasionally can happen, especially with new firmware upgrades which have not been fully tested by the manufacturer
    • try turning the camera OFF then back ON
    • if that doesn't work, take the battery out then replace it, and turn it on
    • if that fails, you may need to take it in for repair
  • camera is dead
    • this may occur due to water damage, dropping the camera, wear and tear, etc
    • either take it in for repair or get a new one
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