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timeline of development of digital cameras


year Canon Nikon Sony Olympus Other
1999 new 2EV IS line of L lenses 2.6mp; d-TTL flash; FL-40 TTL flash for 2.3mp C-2500L fixed lens
2000 wireless E-TTL flash G-type lenses w/o aperture rings E-100RS 1.3mp 10x zoom fixed lens
2001 5mp E-10 4mp interlaced scan fixed lens
2002 11mp FF 1st full frame dSLR 6mp DX E-20 5mp interlaced and progressive scan fixed lens
2003 wireless iTTL flash Minolta DiMAGE A1 5mp fixed lens world 1st sensor IS sensor dust removal; 1st 43 dSLR; new TTL flash protocol FL-36/50; 50mm macro one of sharpest lenses ever made; 300mm f/2.8;
2004 16mp FF; E-TTL II flash 12mp DX Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D 6mp with world 1st dSLR with sensor IS; Sony DSC-828 8mp prosumer fixed C8080WZ 8mp prosumer fixed; 150mm f/2.0; 7-14mm f/4;
2005 Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D 1st constant f/2.0 zoom lenses: 14-35mm and 35-100mm; 90-250mm f/2.8;
2006 sensor dust removal 1st Sony dSLR a100; E330 7.5mp full time live view
2007 21mp FF sensor dust removal; 12mp FF 1st Nikon FX dSLR E510 10mp sensor 3-4EV IS + live view; SWD AF lenses;
2008 HD video; Live view; HD video; Live view; new TS macro lenses IS; 24mp FF wireless TTL flash; swivel LCD; CD-AF capable lenses; Pan. G1 MicroFourThirds mirrorless Leica S2 super-FF
2009 16-18mp APS-C; 22mp FF; new TSE lenses; swivel LCD; PW radio TTL; new 3-4EV OIS lenses/start of lens upgrades; 24mp FF Olympus starts to replace its Four Thirds dSLR system with a mirrorless Micro Four Thirds system MFT MFT GH-1 1080i HD Video; Leica M9 FF rangefinder;
2010 new 3-4EV OIS lenses PW radio TTL; Oly HD video; Oly 5EV IS
2011 SLT fixed mirror; NEX7 mirrorless MFT: touch screen AF; fastest and most accurate AF for still subjects is now the Olympus CD-AF - better than dSLR technologies; 12mm /2.0; 45mm f/1.8 GH-3 v.high quality video
2012 radio TTL flash; D800 36mp FF 1st Nikon with true HD video E-M5 16mp 9fps mirrorless with 5-axis 5EV IS; 75mm f/1.8
2013 DualPixel AF sensor a7 1st full frame mirrorless E-M1 on-sensor phase detect AF GX-7 at last a Pan. camera with IBIS
2014 IBIS from Olympus on a7ii Pan. introduces its DFD CDAF system in the GH4
2016 Canon M mirrorless system E-M1ii 20mp; 18fps; 1st camera with 50mp pixel shift HiRes; 4K;
2017 pixel shift HRes; 120p HD video; 1st stacked sensor giving blackout-free EVF and minimal rolling shutter in a9; HiRes mode in a7RIII;
2018 Canon R mirrorless system; USB in-camera charging; Nikon Z mirrorless system 1st 4K 60p full frame (Pan S1);
2019 5.76mdot EVF and 61mp sensor in a7RIV; E-M1x adds 2nd processor, 7.5EV IBIS, vertical grip, USB charging, handheld HiRes, Live ND, and AI technologies (Intelligent Subject Detection AF algorithm), built-in Field Sensor System sports an integrated GPS module (GLONASS and QZSS) along with an electronic compass, manometer, temperature sensor, and acceleration sensor plus first Olympus radio wireless flash system 1st 6K 24p (Pan S1H);
2020 8K video in R5 (1st Canon stills to have zebra exposure warnings); 1st Canon cameras to have IBIS but still no HiRes mode (R5 and R6) 9.44mdot EVF in a7SIII and a9; a9: 50mp stacked sensor 1/200th sec readout; HEIF images; HiRes with flash; MIMO WiFi; bird EyeAF; E-M1iii adds hand held 50mp pixel shift HiRes, Live ND filter effect and USB charging to E-M1ii features; Olympus sells off its camera division
2021 Canon starts to discontinue dSLR lenses; Nikon starts to discontinue dSLR lenses; Sony dSLRs discontinued; bird Eye AF update for E-M1X

professional cropped sensor digital cameras

year Canon Nikon Sony Olympus, Panasonic
1998 D2000; D6000;
1999 D1 2.6mp 4.5fps
2001 1D 4mp 8fps D1X 5mp 3fps, D1H 2.6mp 5fps
2002 D100 6mp 3fps
2003 D2H 4mp 8fps, i-TTL flash E-1: 5mp 5fps
2004 1D Mark II: 8mp 8.5fps e-TTL II flash D2X 12mp 5fps
2005 1D Mark IIN: 8mp 8.5fps D200 10mp; D2HS 4mp 8fps
2006 D2Xs 12mp 5fps
2007 1D Mark III: 10mp 10fps D300 - 12mp 6-8fps E3: 10mp 5fps
2008 a700: 12mp
2009 1D Mark IV 16mp 10fps; 7D: 18mp 8fps D300s - 12mp DX, HD video Pan GH1 oversized 16mp sensor; HD video;
2010 E5: 12mp 5fps, 720p HD video; Pan GH2 oversized 16mp sensor; 5fps; HD video; hacked version had perhaps the best HD video at the time, matched only by the Nikon D800;
2012 Pan GH3 16mp 4-6fps; 60p HD video; WiFi; 1st optical wireless flash on Pan.
2013 E-M1: 16mp 5-axis IBIS, 10fps, 37 PDAF, 30P HD video
2014 7D II 20mp, Dual Pixel PDAF, no IBIS, 60P HD video Pan GH4 16mp; 7-12fps; 1st 4K video in stills camera; new DFD CDAF system; 60p HD video;
2015 Pan GH5 20mp
2016 E-M1ii 20mp; 18fps; 50mp pixel shift HiRes; 4K;
2018 Pan G9 20mp; Pan GH5S;
2019 E-M1x adds 2nd processor plus vertical grip and AI technologies
2020 E-M1iii adds hand held 50mp pixel shift HiRes and ND filter effect
2021 Pan GH5 ii 20mp;

professional full frame sensor cameras

year Canon Nikon Sony Other
2002 1Ds 11mp 3fps
2004 Kodak DCS Pro SLR/c 13.5mp; 1Ds Mark II 16.6mp 4fps Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n 13.5mp
2007 1Ds Mark III: 21mp, 5fps D3 12mp 9fps
2008 a900 24.6mp, IS Leica S2 38mp 1.5fps super full frame 50% bigger
2009 D3s 12mp 9fps 720pHD; D3x 24.5mp Leica M9 18mp rangefinder
2010 Pentax 645d 40mp medium format
2011 1D X: 18mp 12fps
2012 D4 16mp 9-11fps, 720p video;
2014 5DS 50mp 5fps D4s 16mp 11fps;
2015 Leica SL 24mp 11fps
2016 1DX ii 20mp, DualPixel, 4K 60p video D5 20.8mp 14fps
2017 a9 24mp, 20fps
2019 a9ii 24mp, 20fps Leica SL2 47mp 20fps, HiRes; 30p 5K; Panasonic S1 24mp 60p 4K 180p HD HiRes; S1R 47mp IBIS 6-9fps; 60p 4K; S1H 24mp 24p 6K;
2020 1DX iii D6; D780;
2021 A1

other cropped sensor cameras

year Canon Nikon Sony Olympus/Pan MFT
2000 D30 3mp 3fps
2002 D60 6mp 3fps
2003 300D/Rebel 6mp 2.5fps; 10D 6mp 3fps
2004 20D: 8mp 5fps; E-TTL II flash D70 6mp Oly E300: 2.5fps 8mp
2005 350D/Rebel XT: 8mp 2.8fps; 20Da - special astrophotography version of 20D D50 6mp 2.5fps; D70S 6mp Oly E500: 2.5fps 8mp; Pan. L1;
2006 30D: 8mp; 400D/Rebel XTi: 10mp dust protection D80 10mp 3fps Leica Digilux 3; Oly E330 - 1st full time live view dSLR
2007 40D: 10mp, 6.5fps D40 / D40x Oly E410; Oly E510 10mp 3fps 1st in-camera IS plus Live View
2008 50D: 15mp; 450D: 12mp, 3.5fps D90 12mp - 1st dSLR with 720p HD video a200; a300; a350 Oly E420/E520/Oly E30 (swivel LCD) - wireless TTL flash
2009 D3000 a230/a330/a380/a500/a550 Oly E600/620 - swivel LCD; E450; Micro Four Thirds system
2010 60D: 18mp, 5fps; 550D: 18mp 3.7fps; D7000; D3100 a560/a580; A33/A55 - SLT fixed mirror; Sony NEX E-mount camera system
2011 600D: 18mp, 3.7fps; 1100D: 12mp, 3fps D5100
2012 Oly EM5 16mp, 9fps mirrorless
2013 70D Dual Pixel AF
2015 T6i; T7s; Oly EM5ii 16mp; Pan G7 16mp 6-8fps DFD; Pan GX8 20mp;
2016 M5; 80D Oly Pen F 16mp; Pan G80/85 16mp; Pan GX80/85 16mp;
2017 M6 no EVF; 77D; T7i; Oly E-M10 III
2018 Pan GX9 20mp;
2019 Oly EM5iii 20mp compact version of E-M1 II; Pan G95
2020 Pan G100/110 20mp; Oly EM-10 IV;

semi-pro full frame sensor cameras

year Canon Nikon Sony Other
2005 5D: 12.7mp 3fps
2008 5D MII: 21mp D700 12mp full frame 5fps
2009 a850: 24.6mp
2012 5D MIII: 22mp; radio TTL flash; D800 36mp 4fps FX / 15mp 6fps DX
2013 Canon 6D budget Df retrostyled a7 24mp; a7R 36mp
2014 D810 36mp HD video a7S video; a7ii 24mp; IBIS
2015 a7Rii 42mp, IBIS, 4K 30p; a7Sii video;
2017 6D ii budget D850 47mp 7-9fps a7Riii 42mp, IBIS, 10fps; pixel shift; 4K 30p; 120p HD;
2018 Canon R 30mp; 5-8fps; 30p 4K cropped; Canon RP 26mp 5fps 24p 4K; a7iii 24mp; IBIS; 4K
2019 a7Riv 61mp, IBIS, 10fps; pixel shift; 4K 30p; 120p HD;
2020 R5 45mp; IBIS;12-20fps; 30p 8K; 120p 4K; R6 20mp; IBIS;12-20fps; 60p 4K; a7Siii video; a7c compact version of a7III; Pan S5 24mp budget;
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