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fisheye lens photography

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  • fisheye lenses are special lenses which are designed to give a 180deg field of view and extreme barrel distortion is a characteristic of these lenses
  • there are 2 main image types:
    • diagonal fisheye lenses - these images fill the full rectangular frame of your image
    • circular fisheye lenses - these lenses give a circular image thus the area of your frame outside of this circle will appear as black
  • fisheye lenses are very much a niche lens which is primarily used for creative photography
  • they are particularly useful for creating visually stimulating images, artistic or humourous imagery

here are a few photos from the net which demonstrate how these lenses can be used for effect

Santorini By Tomasz

177/365 - Oia.Santorini.@.1150x750

Taxis By A.G. Photographe

Hep taxi !!!

Work Overtime By Lo_straniero

☎ Work Overtime ☎

Peleng 8mm by José Miguel

Maider (Peleng 8 mm)

Times Square

Times Square III



You've been warned by A.G. Photographe

You've been warned

Clash of the Titans by A.G. Photographe

Clash of the Titans

360deg panoramic stitched HDR images:


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