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flash modifiers

Colour Gels

miscellaneous modifiers

Peter Gregg's Bettabounce Card:

  • cheap - can make them yourself or buy them from him online;
  • relies on a white surface (eg. roof, wall, white suit) to bounce main light as well as some light bouncing off the card.
  • cut out a trapezoid shaped card from a 6“x6.5” white foam sheet (Miracle from CreativeHands from a craft store) creating a trapezoid with 6.5“ top and 4.5” bottom
  • adding a 2“ midline vertical black stripe reduces central hotspot which otherwise tends to cause unwanted specular reflections off shiny noses, chins, cheeks, foreheads and glasses (Peter's Feather-Light)
  • the card is then placed around the top of your flash held on by a wide rubber band.
  • uses 800ISO, f/4-5.6 bouncing off ceiling indoors, set shutter to almost match ambient lighting
  • can also be glued upside down onto the ring for a Quantum flash

Rogue Flashbender bounce attachment

MagMod modifiers


Lumiquest ProMax Pocket Bouncer:

  • folds flat to ~ 7“ x 4.5”
  • ~1.3 stops light loss

Lumiquest 80/20:

  • pros:
    • The shoot through and reflectors of the LumiQuest make less of a reduction to the flash power than does the Omni-bounce.
    • With the Pro-max kit inserts there is tremendous versatility…you can go from 100% bounce off the 80/20 or 80 off the ceiling. You can insert colored reflectors like a gold reflecter to produce a warmer tone.
    • Can be moved from flash to flash with only the addition of some extra velcro strips.
    • Larger light source than Omnibounce means shadows are softer (in pure diffusion mode.)
  • cons:
    • Big and bulky kit to carry and put on flash, may intimidate some subjects.
    • Requires velcro strips on flash.
    • Requires setup change when going from landscape to portrait flash orientation.

Sto-fen Omnibounce:

  • pros:
    • Small and portable.
    • Quick to attach.
    • Robust design…works with and without ceilings without set-up change.
    • Works in portrait and landscape mode without setup change.
    • Less expensive for a single flash.
  • cons:
    • Large light loss.
    • Less of a bouncer because of design and light loss…more of a diffuser.

Gary Fong's Lightsphere II:

  • flexible clear vinyl diffuser
  • similar to Sto-fen omnibounce but larger diffusion area
  • ? better as a bouncer off ceiling whilst simultaneously providing direct diffused flash
  • optionally can be used with a dome diffuser without bouncing for use outdoors, etc.

Demb diffuser:

  • many prefer it to the Fong Lightsphere as it is smaller & less expensive


Larger soft boxes:

large beauty dishes

  • you can purchase adapters to mount your flash on a light stand to connect to a studio beauty dish.
  • my tests using a Canon 580EXII flash at full output into a Bowens beauty dish with grid gives a GN 8m at ISO 100 - not great but at 2m from subject, this gives an aperture of f4, so is very usable for fashion shots as long as you are not in direct sunlight.

Snoots, Gobos, Honeycomb grids:

Ring flashes:

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