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photography in fog


  • photographing landscapes with a light cover of mist, particularly around sunrise can create the most awesome photographs
  • photographing subjects in thick fog gives a completely different feel as you tend to be able to create focus on a foreground subject while the background recedes into the fog

immersed in thick fog

  • thick fog can emphasise depth, simplicity, cold, loneliness and be surreal, mysterious and moody as well as making light rays more evident
  • look for a dominant foreground subject and carefully compose your scene
  • you will often need to increase exposure by around +1EV to avoid a dull grey fog - unless that is what you want - try experimenting with manual exposure and trial and error
  • AF on background subjects can be very difficult due to the lack in contrast - you may need to manually focus
  • experiment with colour temperature (but lave a little blue if you want more realism) or convert to B&W - hence it is best to shoot in RAW file
  • don't bother with polariser filter as it will add little and just give more camera shake by forcing longer exposures
  • keep the front on the lens dry and clean from condensation
  • colourful subjects in the foreground can create a nice colour contrast to an otherwise low contrast scene
  • fog also allows opportunity to create beautiful, simple silhouettes, especially at sunrise or shooting into artificial lights to provide some backlighting
  • try working with the fog for the beauty of simplicity that thick fog provides
  • shooting in fog with sunrise coming through can create a wonderful effect
  • keep shutter speed to less than 1 sec if you wish to retain texture in the fog
  • remember fog density can change quickly but our eyes don't often detect this change well - but it can have a dramatic change to the photograph by allowing more of less of the background to be visible
  • in post-processing, consider increasing contrast to give more drama and consider using gradient filters to darken the fog and highlight your subject (if it is not a silhouette)
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