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Olympus and Panasonic Four Thirds firmware updates

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My firmware requests to Olympus:

  • #1 wish:
    • all cameras with live preview:
      • please give us an acoustically silent mode with zero shutter lag:
        • this would be easy to implement just don't drop the mirror down in Live Preview mode if camera is in manual exposure mode and a manual WB mode as in these cases there is NO need for the mirror to drop down.

Firmware updates:

For Olympus E-30:

  • Version 1.1 (Mar 2009)
    • rectifies minor issues with image playback and quietens operation of the Image Stabilizer when used with Imager AF and Hybrid AF modes of the camera

For Olympus E-3:

  • Version 1.4 (April 2009) improves the autofocus performance of the camera.
  • version 1.1 (Jan 2008):
    • Enabled use of the Image Stabilization function with non-Four Thirds System interchangeable lenses by inputting a specific focal length 8mm-1000mm.
      For details on operations, please click on the URL. or see under E510 below.
    • Matched the rotation of the dial on the rear of the Power Battery Holder HLD-4 and the movement direction of the AF target.
    • Increased the number of storable still pictures by improving the battery check when the Power Battery Holder HLD-4 is attached.
    • Focusing now stops immediately when the AF start button (AEL/AFL or Fn button) is released.
    • Corrected the phenomenon where the flash control caused an under exposure while using bounce flash at short distances with the FL-50R or FL-36R Electronic Flash.
    • Improved selection and prioritization of the central 5 ranging points when shooting in C-AF mode and Dynamic-single Target mode.

For Olympus E510:

  • version 1.3 (Jan 2008):
    • at last, Olympus has enabled IS on non-FourThirds lenses by allowing user to enter a focal length in the menu
    • you set it to the actual focal length that is on the lens, not the 2x value.
    • you need to press IS button then press +/- button, the choose focal length by using control dial or up/down arrow buttons, then press OK.
    • possible selected focal lengths are 8mm-1000mm.
  • version 1.2 (Nov 2007):
    • improved focus with EC-20 2x teleconverter
    • improved image stabilisation at slower shutter speeds
  • version 1.1 (July 25th, 2007):
  • hidden service menu:
  • how to do a hard reset to try to resolve persistent problems:
    • Select P on the mode dial.
    • Open the card door and turn on the camera.
    • Hold down the Menu and the OK buttons at the same time for 5 seconds.
    • Olympus E-510 is displayed.
    • Release and again hold down the Menu and the OK buttons at the same time for another 5 seconds.
    • Reset has been done is displayed
    • Press the OK button.
    • Shut the camera off

For Olympus E330:

  • version 1.3 (Jan 2008):
    • Improved the focusing accuracy when using the EC-20 Teleconverter.
  • version 1.2:
    • AF is possible in Live-View B mode (macro live view). (S-AF operates in A mode (full time live view) by pressing the AEL/AFL button).
    • Improved exposure precision when taking pictures in the macro mode using SPOT metering.
  • version 1.1:
    • Improved image quality of 10x enlargement in Live-View B mode (macro live view).
    • Live-View B mode (macro live view) can be used in underwater macro mode underwater macro and underwater wide mode underwater wide. (Only when the mode dial is customized)
    • Changes made to Korean Language.

For Olympus E300:

  • firmware updates:
    • programmable mirror lockup so that shutter is released 1-30sec after mirror locks up.
    • release priority modes that take the photo irrespective if focus achieved or flash ready;
    • vignetting compensation setting for jpeg modes -  see here

For Olympus E1:

  • version 1.5 (Jan 2008):
    • Improved the focusing accuracy when using the EC-20 Teleconverter.
  • version 1.4:
    • The S-AF speed in low luminance conditions has been improved.
    • AF accuracy under fluorescent lighting has been improved.
    • Images shot with the E-300 (TIFF, RAW, SHQ) can be displayed normally
    • New high speed CompactFlash cards are supported.
  • version 1.3:
    • A communication error rarely occurred when the lens opening value of E-1 was changed using the Camera Control Function of OLYMPUS Studio installed on a personal computer. This problem was solved.
  • version 1.2:
    • It is now possible to shoot photos by fully pressing the shutter button repeatedly, while keeping the shutter button halfway depressed. This improvement allows you to continually shoot photos in C_AF mode, continuing C_AF with the shutter button halfway depressed.
    • It is now possible to display the focus points for 3-point AF on Finder's LCD.
  • version 1.1:
    • Allows higher sharpness setting values (+4, +5).
    • Improves the exposure precision during macro shooting with flash in the P (Program) mode.
    • Reduces the time it takes for the camera to recover from the sleep mode.
    • “Erasing selected frames” has been updated to enable you to cancel several frames selected for erasure at the same time. This is effective when ERASE SETTING is set to NO.
      After you select frames to erase, the SEL. IMAGE screen will appear if you press the arrow pad to go to the next screen or rotate the main dial to change the number of frames in the index. If you select RESET and press the OK button, all frames selected for erasure will be canceled at the same time.
      You cannot go to the next screen or change the number of frames in the index unless you erase the pictures or cancel your selection.




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