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photo image blogs:

online photo critique & photographers' development:

online image storage & submissions

  • (conditions and prices may have changed)
  • - a free site for real photographers rather than snapshooters
  • - a high quality, curated website targetting professional photographers
  • - a popular image hosting site but now too slow and full of crap photos
  • - free trial then $US25; max. file size 100kb, 800×600;
    • explore's 2 million photos by searching photo captions here
  • Fotki - free trial then $US30/yr unlimited storage;
  • fotofile - free but only 15Mb storage
  • Pbase - $US23/yr to store 200Mb pics or $US60/yr to store 600Mb pics; free trial store 10Mb;
    • $US30/yr unlimited storage pics up to 8Mb each; 
    • $US100/yr to allow sales of your pics (you get 85% of photo price less the cost of print), your own domain & guest passwords;
    • targets commercial stock photos
    • $US25/yr 100Mb storage pics to any size; $US15/yr 50Mb;
    • automatically places watermarks on your images if you wish or if you allow them for sale;
    • allows sales of your image file without watermarks for royalty-free commercial use or editorial use, ie. it is aimed at publishers and newspapers.
    • images of people or property MUST have copy of model or property release emailed to them to allow sales
    • images containing brand names, etc cannot be used for sale
    • images must be good quality (at least 500×500 pixels) and have interesting content, not for family portraits, pets, etc
    • prices you place on your image may range from $US20 to over $US2000 depending on image size, quality, etc
    • uses PayPal to forward monies from sales to you
    • no fee to upload, but must be commercial images with model releases, etc at least 2 megapixels
    • photographer receives $US0.20 per image downloaded
    • users pay $US90 for unlimited downloads for 1 month. 
    • display & sell prints from your images - US-based DotPhoto handles all the sales, printing, postage, you set your price & receive in monthly account the difference between your set price & DotPhoto's standard print price less 15% handling +3% credit card charge.
    • can upgrade to video account & store up to 500Mb videos
  • - currently free unlimited as in beta mode; ratings;
  • - $US25/yr; ratings seem dominated by artistic nudes.
  • (DA) - art and photography, nice interface, gallery, critique, forums for artists, photographers, models, etc. - free or $US29.95/yr
  • - similar interface to DA but much smaller membership
    • free or $US25/yr if you wish to sell photos and upload any photos you wish.. 
    • Submit photos based on weekly “challenges” - photos must be taken during that week.
    • displayed images are small
    • can sell prints but submitted print files must have exact aspect ratios and be at least 150dpi for print size and must pass an approval process.
    • you get 50% of print sale profit (75% if you referred the buyer)
  • - free 20 images?; $US50/yr 55 images; $US99 once only lifetime membership;
  • photography-on-the-net - small database
  • Club Photo - max. 8mpixel, 6Mb images to 100Mb; free; upgrade to gold/platinum albums;
  • free 10Mb; 
  • free 30Mb;
  • Kodak free storage similar to Sony site
  • PhotoBucket - free storage up to 100Mb with max. pic size 250kb; will be linked to MySpace
  • Australian Camera House / Fuijifilm - “free” storage  as long as use print service; max. pic size 150kb
  • - new gallery for photographers & models
  • - free or $US25 donation.
  • ozImages - stock photography
  • fotocommunity - German-based - from 3.50Euro/month for 300pics - section on photos from Victoria here
  • PhotoPoints - $US25/yr for 10Mb space with max. image size 325Kb. 
  • - free upload of your best pics but image size is small
  • - $US25/yr for larger files & unlimited uploads as well as print sales
  • - $US7/mth for max. 200 photos.
  • - critiqued geographic-based travel photography
  • - critiqued geographic-based general photography
  • - critiqued geographic-based wildlife/nature photography
  • - Melbourne-based art/photo gallery with print sales
  • - Stock Photos at Can Stock Photos

personal video/image blogging sites:

photos galleries where only certain submissions are published:

stock photo agencies:

art and photography poster online retailers

personal photo galleries:

travel photography:

online photography publications:

professional photographer's galleries and online photo libraries:

some other contemporary Australian photographers:

other contemporary International photographers:

20th century photographers:

  • “f/64” group founded 1932:
    • Ansel Adams - landscape, esp. US national parks; created the “zone system”
    • Paul Strand
  • the “Magnum” group founded by the 1st photojournalist, Robert Capa, a war photographer using the Leica 35mm:
    • Henri Cartier-Bresson - French travel photographer aiming to capture “the decisive moment”
    • Robert Capa
    • David “Chim” Seymour
    • George Roger
    • Ernst Haas - Austrian; post-WWII; freelance for Life, etc;
    • Frank Horvat - Italian; travel photos then later fashion photography; 50's-60's;
  • “October group” (founded 1930):
    • Boris Ignatovich - Ukraine;  landscape, portrait; 1930's;
    • Alexander Rodchenko - Leica 1930's
  • Eugene Atget - French, 1900's-1927; 18x24cm wooden camera; 
  • Richard Avedon (1923-2004) - US fashion & portrait; 
  • Herbert Bayer - Austrian/American; studied Bauhaus art in 1920's; surrealism;
  • Cecil Beaton - UK; 1920's-56 as fashion photographer for Vogue; WWII photographer;
  • Werner Bischof
  • Margaret Bourke-White - US industrial; political & social-minded photojournalism; co-founded Life magazine in 1936; WWII photographer; German concentration camp photos shocked the world;
  • Guy Bourdin (1928-91) - 1950's-80's fashion & editorial;
  • Helen Chadwick - British, 1980's; used her own body to confront conventional ideas about sexuality
  • Alvin Coburn - US; introduced avant-garde style of photography in the 1900's
  • Jean Dieuzaide - French post-WWII; es. studied the structure of things; Dali in water photo;
  • Harold Egerton - US 1920's-30's; developed high-speed stroboscopic photography;
  • Alfred Eisenstaedt - German/American; 1930's-40's; 
  • Ed van der Elsken - Dutch; 1950's-60's;
  • Walker Evans - US; 1930's; rural politic-social photography;
  • Andreas Feininger - French/German; Bauhaus;  worked for Life from 1939; the image must tell the story with minimal explanatory text;
  • Hiroshi Hamaya
  • Robert Hausser - German; light period in 50's then depressive period; “21 doors of Mussolini”;
  • Philippe Halsman - Latvian/American; 40's & 50's; original & inventive portraits; Surrealism; “Dali's skull of nudes
  • Gottfried Helnwein - Austrian/German; 1980's; 
  • Fritz Henle - German/American; 40's; Life magazine;
  • Florence Henri - US/French; trendsetter of New Vision in the 20's-30's;
  • Lewis Hine - US; pre-WWI photos to fight child labour; documented the building of Empire State Building in 1930;
  • David Hockney - UK/American; large format Polaroids in 1980's;
  • Marta Hoepffner - German; Bauhaus; photograms in 1930's; polarised light; “variochromatic light objects”  in 1966;
  • Horst Horst - German fashion photographer for Vogue; esp. 1930's;
  • George Hoyningen-Huene - fashion in 1920's-30's
  • Walde Huth - German fashion photographer; 1950's;
  • Yousuf Karsh - Armenian/Canadian; portraits 1940's
  • Andre Kertesz - Hungarian; 1920's;
  • Jurgen Klauke - 70's-80's; self-portraits;
  • William Klein - US fashion with Vogue 1954-66; unconventional use of wideangle/telephoto;
  • Barbara Klemm  - German; photojournalist; 60's-70's;
  • Herlinde Koeble - German; photojournalist; 70's-80's;
  • Dorothea Lange - US; social 1930's in the Great Depression;
  • Jacques-Henri Lartigue - French; pre-WWI era
  • Robert Lebeck - German; 50's-60's; Stern
  • El Lissitzky
  • Herbert List
  • Man Ray - early 20thC Dadaism & Surrealism
  • Charlotte March
  • Sally Mann - controversial art nude photographer
  • Will McBride
  • Duane Michels
  • Hansel Mieth - German-born US migrant, social commentary photographer with Life in the 1930's-40's
  • Laszlo Moholy-Nagy - early 20th C Bauhaus photography
  • Floris Neususs - camera-less photography
  • Arnold Newman - 1940's portraits
  • Gordon Parkes
  • Georgii Petrussow
  • Albert Renger-Patzsch - artistic photography of objects, architecture, landscapes
  • Erich Salomon
  • August Sander
  • Christian Schad - camera-less photography 
  • Karl Schmolz - architecture
  • Friedrich Seidenstucker - 1930's
  • Cindy Sherman - history portraits 1990's
  • W. Eugene Smith - 1950's
  • Susan Sontag (1933-2004) - 1960's onwards.
  • Otto Steinert
  • Bert Stern
  • Alfred Stieglitz
  • Jock Sturges - controversial art nude naturalist photographer
  • Sholi Ueda
  • Weegee

20th century Australian photographers:

selected "amateur" photographers:

street photography:

astrophotography galleries:

stroboscopy galleries:

underwater photography:

videos of photography shoots:

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