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Handevision IBELUX 40mm f/0.85 manual focus lens


  • introduced in 2014
  • a high quality manual focus lens designed for cropped sensor cameras utilising telecentric optical design and is the widest aperture lens in terms of f ratio designed for mirrorless cameras
  • interesting optical design includes a concave front element
  • available in Sony NEX, Fuji X, Canon EOS M and Micro 4/3 digital mirrorless camera mounts
  • see manufacturer's web page:


  • manual focus
  • aluminium body
  • 40mm f/0.85
    • ⇒ full frame DOF and FOV equivalents:
      • 60mm f/1.3 on DX;
      • 64mm f/1.4 on APS-C;
      • 80mm f/1.7 on MFT
  • image circle 28.4mm
  • 10 elements in 8 groups
  • 10 circular blades
  • 67mm filter
  • built-in lens hood
  • optimised for focus at 2.5m giving 1.6 x 1.1m subject size using a APS-C camera
  • close focus to 0.75m giving a subject size of 60cm (1:20 macro) using a APS-C camera
  • significant vignetting wide open
  • lateral CA 6micron
  • relatively soft wide open, sharpest at f/5.6
  • 74mm diam x 128mm long
  • 1150g
  • MSRP is $2,080 USD
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