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Hasselblad Super Wide Cameras (SWC)


  • Photokina in Cologne 1954 was used to introduce the Hasselblad SuperWide with a fixed 38mm f4.5 Zeiss Biogon lens mounted in a Compur shutter.
  • SuperWide SWC/M was introduced in 1979, allowing the use of the Polaroid film magazine.
  • SWC/SWCM (1979) /903SWC (1988) super wide angle:
    • manual with a permanently attached 38mm 91deg view Biogon lens and a direct view only finder (without parallax compensation) It is guess or groundglass focussed and has recently become something of a bargain in superwide cameras
    • The new 903SWC had a minor body change and came with the new viewfinder with built-in spirit level.
    • SWCm ~$A2100 2nd hand
    • 905SWC (2006?)
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