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indoor photography ideas for a rainy day

if it is raining you should perhaps be looking for shots outdoors in the rain!

check your equipment

  • clean your digital camera sensor
    • ideally need to take a photo of a spotless subject such as the blue sky wth camera set to f/16 so you can see the dust on the sensor
  • clean your lenses and filters
  • microadjust your autofocus
    • not needed for mirrorless cameras, but all dSLRs which have a microadjustment option should be calibrated to ensure you are getting the sharpest possible photos

manage all those photos

  • post-process photos
  • resize and upload to web
  • most importantly back them up in at least 2 different places

indoor available light portraits

  • you will generally need a lens with a wide aperture such as f/1.4-f/2.0, and of course a subject, and perhaps a window for lighting

photographic studio lighting


light painting

water photography indoors

Watching soap bubbles as they freeze

smoke photography

still life photography

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