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Konica Hexanon AR legacy manual focus lenses


  • Konica Hexanon lenses are generally well regarded lenses which were designed for a 35mm film SLR system, but can be fitted to mirrorless camera systems
  • popular lenses for mirrorless camera systems include:
    • 35mm f/2
    • 40mm f/1.8
    • 57mm f/1.2 - these sell for over $500 in excellent optical condition.
    • 57mm f/1.4 - these sell for under $100

a little Konica history

  • Konica goes back to 1873 when Konishi-ya, the forerunner of Konica, was established in Tokyo.
  • 1960 saw the introduction of the Konica F, the world's first SLR camera with a built-in exposure meter.
  • their last SLR, the Konica TC-X, was introduced in 1984.
  • in 2003, Konica merged with Minolta which was then taken over by Sony.

main eras of lenses

1960's-early 70's

  • Brushed-chrome ring, scalloped-like metal focus ring, no EE lock. Also includes ARP and ARM lenses.

early 1970's

  • All black lenses(except 1000 & 2000mm), scalloped-like metal focus ring. Also includes some ARP and ARM lenses.


  • All black lenses (except 1000 & 2000mm) with a rubberized, checkered pattern, round focus ring, and with EE lock.

late 1970's onwards

  • All black (except 1000mm), with EE being changed to AE, better multi-coating, and with some models also designated UC.

lens range

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