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legacy lenses for mirrorless cameras

Lens adapters for Micro Four Thirds (MFT):

  • NB. you cannot use AF-confirm chip adapters electrically coupled to a Panasonic MFT camera – it just won’t allow you to use them. Buy adapters without AF-confirm chips.
  • Four Thirds to MFT adapters retain AF, diaphragm, manual focus ring movement, and focal length communications to camera
    • Panasonic adapter
    • Olympus adapter
    • the GH-1 will not allow non Four Thirds lenses to be adapted to this adapter if using an AF-confirm adapter – use other adapters for non-Four Thirds lenses
  • AF Canon EF and EF-S lens adapter:
    • Birger Engineering have a $US700 adapter which allows AF, aperture control and optical IS when used on M43 bodies with larger batteries (eg. GH-1)
  • Tilt or shift adapters – convert 35mm lenses into tilt or tilt-shift lenses on MFT:
  • Olympus OM to MFT
    • Olympus adapter
    • Olympus have filed a patent for a 0.5x wide converter with SWD AF capability – very exciting indeed!
    • OM lenses for MFT
  • Canon EOS to MFT
    • aperture-control adapters:
        • uses a 9V battery via cable to power an aperture-control device as part of the adapter.
        • no AF, OS available.
        • at $540, only pro videographers are likely to be interested.
        • no AF control as AF is too slow anyway
        • aperture control via aperture control on the camera in M or A camera mode
        • MF assist should be possible to be automatically activated when one turns the manual focus ring on the lens
        • allows aperture control, AF, OS but only on camera bodies with larger batteries such as the Panasonic GH-x cameras.
        • expected to be $800
    • manual adapters:
      • you cannot alter aperture while mounted as no aperture ring on EF lenses although you CAN set the aperture on a Canon body, hold down the DOF button as you remove the lens, and the aperture will stay set, otherwise it will be at widest aperture. Hopefully new adapters will address this issue soon.
    • don’t forget the multitude of adapters to Canon EOS which can be combined with this adapter – eg. Hasselblad, Pentax 6×7, Mamiya 645, Carl Zeiss Contax, Leica R, Olympus OM, etc. – see for examples as well as search Ebay – try AF-confirm ones if you want AF confirm on Canon bodies.
  • Canon FD/FL to MFT
  • Konica Hexanon
  • Leica M (Cosina Voigtlander includes L mount, VM mount and Carl Zeiss ZM mounts) to MFT
  • Leica R to MFT
  • Minolta MD/MC to MFT
  • Sony/Minolta AF to MFT
  • Pentax K to MFT
  • Nikon F to MFT including aperture support for the new G type lenses:
  • Cosina Voigtlander Nikon F and Pentax K to MFT
  • Contax/Yashica Carl Zeiss to MFT
  • Contax G Carl Zeiss to MFT
  • PL cinema lens (eg. Zeiss Ultra Primes) to MFT
  • Pentax M42 to MFT
  • Pentax 110 to MFT
  • Olympus Pen to MFT
  • T2 to MFT (for telescopes)
  • 16mm Cine C mount to MFT
  • medium format (Mamiya, Hasselblad) and large format lenses
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