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lens mount cross-compatibility table


  • lenses with long flange distances such as Leica-R, Nikon F and Olympus OM can be used on most digital cameras with interchangeable lenses.
  • Olympus OM lenses are much sought after not just because they can fit nearly any camera (except Nikon), but they are beautifully made and compact.
  • Nikon dSLRs with their long lens mount flange are the LEAST adaptable, and really you are almost stuck with only using Nikon mount lenses on these cameras.
  • if you want the most fun with legacy lenses, buy a mirrorless camera systems
  • not included in the table below is the new Canon EF-M mount which has a 18mm flange distance and a 58mm diameter mount, adapter is available to allow mounting EF-S and EF lenses
  • the old 8mm D-mount cine lenses (eg. Wollensak) can really only be used on Pentax Q cameras, although they can be used on Micro Four Thirds system via a D-mount to C-mount adapter then a C-mount to M43 adapter, but you cannot gain infinity focus (perhaps maximum focus is about 2 feet), and there will be vignetting. You will have better results with the C-mount lenses.
  • full frame mirrorless update:
    • Nikon Z system has 16mm flange distance and AF adapter is now available for Sony FE lenses!
      • this is now THE MOST adaptable camera system available
    • Canon R system has a 20mm flange distance

compatibility table

Lens mount flange MicroFourThirds Sony NEX Samsung NX Four Thirds Canon EF-S Canon EF Nikon DX Nikon FX
crop factor 2x 1.5x 1.6x 2x 1.6x 1.0x 1.5x 1.0x
flange distance 20mm 18mm 25.5mm 38.7mm 44mm 44mm 46.5mm 46.5mm
Pentax Q 9.2mm N N N N N N N N
D-mount 12.29mm N N N N N N N N
C-mount 17.5mm N N N N N N N N
Sony E 18mm N AF N N N N N N
MicroFourThirds 20mm AF N? N N N N N N
Bolex 16mm 23.2mm Y Y? N N N N N N
Samsung NX 25.5mm N? N? AF N N N N N
RED ONE 27.3mm Y? Y? N N N N N N
Leica-M 27.8mm Y Y N N N N N N
Konica Hexar RF KM 28mm Y Y N? N N N N N
Leica M39 screw 28.8mm Y Y N? N N N N N
Contax G 29mm Y Y N N N N N N
Nikon S rangefinder 34.85mm Y Y Y? Y? N N N N
Four Thirds 38.7mm AF N? N? AF N N N N
Konica AR/F 40.7mm Y Y Y Y# N N N N
Canon R/FL/FD 42mm Y Y Y Y O O N N
Minolta SR/MC/MD 43.5mm Y Y Y Y N N N N
Fujica X 43.5mm Y Y Y Y N N N N
Canon EF-S 44mm AF1 Y Y Y AF N N N
Canon EF 44mm AF1 Y Y Y AF AF N N
Exacta/Topcon 44.7mm Y Y Y Y O O N N
Minolta/Sony A 44.5mm Y AF Y Y N N N N
Pentax K / M42 45.5mm Y Y Y Y Y Y N N
Contax C/Y 45.5mm Y Y Y Y Y Y N N
Olympus OM 46mm Y Y Y Y Y Y N N
Nikon DX 46.5mm Y/shift Y Y Y Y Y AF N
Nikon F 46.5mm Y/shift Y Y Y Y Y AF AF
Leica-R 47mm Y Y Y Y Y Y N N
Arri PL 52mm Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
T2 mount 55mm Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
  • # = mount may need minor modication
  • AF = AF lenses will in general be AF capable
  • AF1 = AF possible via Birger AF mount
  • Y = adapter should be available for manual focus and manual aperture BUT some lenses with protruding rear elements may have problems with the mirror in some dSLRs, particularly those with a large mirror such as the Canon 5D.
    • The following Leica R lenses are reported to have mirror clearance issues with most if not all adapted EOS cameras: 15/3.5, 16/2.8, 19/2.8 Second Version, 21/4 Mirror Lock Up Version, 35/1.4, 35-70/2.8, 80-200/4.5 First Version. The 24/2.8 and 28-70/3.5-4.5 (2nd version) will not work on the EOS 5D because the rear element protective guard hits the mirror. The 21-35/3.5 Aspherical and 28-90/2.8-4.5 Aspherical is reported not to work on the 1Ds Mk II.
    • the following adapted Contax C/Y lenses are not compatible with the EOS 5D: 18/4, 85/1.2, and 135/2.
    • The Nikkor 20/2.8 AIS and 24/2.8 AIS are reported to be incompatible with the 5D due to the protruding rear element.
    • Nikkor mirror lock up lenses which will not work on Canon EOS include the 6/5.6, 7.5/5.6, and 21/4 Nikkors
  • Y/shift = normal adapters and tilt-shift adapters available
  • O = an adapter with optical elements is available but image quality suffers
  • NOTE: some lenses (most digital lenses) do not have aperture rings and thus aperture may not be able to be adjusted unless special adapters, or, techniques to preset an aperture
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