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Adobe Lightroom v6 vs CC versions


  • Lightroom v6 was the last version, introduced in 2015, that Adobe allowed you to purchase (no longer available for purchase) and use forever without ongoing fees - albeit without any updates making it potentially incompatible with your new camera's RAW file and eventually it will become incompatible with your operating system and become redundant
  • Lightroom CC is the current version with a dumbed down re-designed user interface, which is continually updated but to use it you must pay an ongoing monthly subscription fee, as a result many people are switching to other image editing software
  • Lightroom Classic CC is the current subscription only version with the old user interface of LR 6 but newer features
  • if you decide to cancel your Adobe CC subscription, it seems you only get to open it ONCE more so be ready to have exported whatever you need before you cancel - you don't want to lose all those many hours of editing!
    • to gain access back you need to re-subscribe - this is why I hate subscription models!

Benefits of Lightroom Classic CC over v6

  • launches faster (v6 is extremely slow to launch)
  • generates previews faster
  • imports and exports faster
  • switches between modules faster
  • all recent cameras are supported eg. Sonya7III is NOT supported by v6
    • you will have to use a clunky workaround such as using Adobe DNG Converter to first convert RAW to DNG raw format
  • Cloud syncing with LR mobile, etc
  • bundled with Photoshop CC
  • BUT the CC version will not run on Windows 7 - you need Windows 10 or you need to use LR Classic which is included in the bundle
  • new features in LR CC:
    • Creative Profiles
    • Expanded Tone Curve
    • Profile Management
    • Coloured Labeling
    • Folder Search
    • Range Masking
    • Boundary Warp
    • Haze removal
    • Textures slider in Develop module - smooth or enhance textures in photos without destroying finer details or adding noise
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