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Minolta autofocus 35mm film SLR system


  • 1928: Minolta was a Japanese company founded by Kazuo Tashima, under the name Nichidoku Shashinki Shōten
  • 1931: the company was transformed into a stock corporation named Molta Gōshi-gaisha
  • 1933: the name Minolta was applied for and registered
  • 1958: it's 1st 35mm SLR was produced - the SR-2
  • 1962: the Minolta SR-7 SLR was their 1st to include a CdS light meter built-in
  • 1966: the Minolta SR-T series of SLR cameras introduced with the SRT-101 being the most sold SLR of its time
  • 1976: Minolta also produced the Leica R3, R4 and R5 SLRs in the LeicaR series
  • 1985: the revolutionary Minolta 7000 AF SLR camera was introduced with a new AF-compatible lens mount and was the world's first “in-body” autofocus SLR and for the next 5 years, this new AF technology catapulted Minolta to the top selling SLRs in the world until Canon and Nikon caught up.
  • 1991: its autofocus design was found to infringe on the patents of Honeywell and Minolta was ordered to pay Honeywell a final amount of $127.6 million dollars.
  • 2003: Minolta merged with Konica to form Konica Minolta
  • Nov 2004: Konica-Minolta introduced their 1st digital SLR - the Alpha/Dynax/Maxxum 7D which uniquely had built-in image stabilisation
  • 2006: Konica Minolta's camera and lens manufacture business and technologies were sold to Sony - see Sony Alpha dSLR system

autofocus 35mm film Minolta Maxxum or Alpha SLRs

  • earlier manual-focus Minolta MC and MD lenses are incompatible with the AF cameras
  • no near-silent AF USM / HSM lenses were made for these cameras (unlike Canon and, later, Nikon)
  • note: wireless x-sync on the later pro models (9x) is only 1/60th sec whereas normal x-sync is 1/300th sec and they do not support wireless HSS flash
year model features
1985 7000AF revolutionary camera with world 1st built-in AF, motor flash zoom compatibility, external LCD, built-in motor drive; arrow buttons to set aperture, shutter speed
1985 9000AF pro version of the 7000AF with more mechanical controls, 1/4000th sec shutter, 1/250th sec x-sync, 6fps motor drive, and even digital backs to add exposure programs, and an interchangeable video CCD back
1986 5000AF
1988 7000i
1989 3000i / 3700i
1989 5000i / 5700i
1990 8000i / 8700i
1990 2xi
1991 3xi
1991 7xi
1992 5xi
1992 9xi pro sports; weathersealed; 3rd gen AF with 3D predictive C-AF; 4pt AF; shutter to 1/12,000th sec; 1/300th x-sync; 1/60th wireless x-sync;4.5fps; 14 field meter; remote TTL flash;
1992 SPsi
1993 600si / 507si
1993 700si / 707si
1995 300si / 350si / RZ 330 si
1997 800si / 807si
1998 505i / HTsi
1998 505si Super / XTsi
1998 Dynax 9 / α-9 pro version; built like a tank; weatherproof; 5.5fps; 1/12000th sec shutter; 3 AF points incl. 1 cross point; x-sync 1/300th sec but only 1/60th in wireless; 910g; unlike the 7, does not have Direct manual Focus (DMF) AF mode, Bulb Timer, silent DOF preview, and does not support wireless HSS flash and requires upgrade for Advanced Distance Integration flash metering (ADI)
1999 α-9Ti rare rugged titanium body pro version
2000 α-7 magnesium frame, plastic outer; supports wireless HSS flash and ADI; has honeycomb metering display on the back; 9 AF points incl. 1 double cross point; 1/200th sec x-sync even in wireless; 1/8000th sec shutter; 4fps; not weathersealed; 575g;
2001 α-Sweet II / 5
2002 α-Sweet II L / 4
2003 3L
2004 30/40/50
2004 60 / α-70 9pt AF incl. 1 cross; 14 segment metering; x-sync 1/90th; wireless x-sync 1/45th; wireless HSS;
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