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Minolta SR mount manual focus 35mm film SLR system


  • 1928: Minolta was a Japanese company founded by Kazuo Tashima, under the name Nichidoku Shashinki Shōten
  • 1931: the company was transformed into a stock corporation named Molta Gōshi-gaisha
  • 1933: the name Minolta was applied for and registered
  • 1958: it's 1st 35mm SLR was produced - the SR-2
  • 1962: the Minolta SR-7 SLR was their 1st to include a CdS light meter built-in
  • 1966: the Minolta SR-T series of SLR cameras introduced with the SRT-101 being the most sold SLR of its time
  • 1976: Minolta also produced the Leica R3, R4 and R5 SLRs in the LeicaR series
  • 1985: the revolutionary Minolta 7000 AF SLR camera was introduced with a new AF-compatible lens mount and was the world's first “in-body” autofocus SLR and for the next 5 years, this new AF technology catapulted Minolta to the top selling SLRs in the world until Canon and Nikon caught up.
  • 1991: its autofocus design was found to infringe on the patents of Honeywell and Minolta was ordered to pay Honeywell a final amount of $127.6 million dollars.
  • 2003: Minolta merged with Konica to form Konica Minolta
  • Nov 2004: Konica-Minolta introduced their 1st digital SLR - the Alpha/Dynax/Maxxum 7D which uniquely had built-in image stabilisation
  • 2006: Konica Minolta's camera and lens manufacture business and technologies were sold to Sony - see Sony Alpha dSLR system
  • 2022: Konica Minolta’s camera repair and customer service are being shut down.

manual focus 35mm film SLRs

year model features
1958 SR-2 SR bayonet lens mount; instant return mirror; pentaprism; automatic preset lenses; 1/1000th sec;
1959 SR-1
1960 SR-3
1962 SR-7 built-in CdS meter
1963 ER
1966 SR-T 101 full aperture TTL metering (Olympus added this in 1971, Nikon in 1975?); mirror lockup; DOF preview; mechanical self-timer
1967 SR-1s
1970 SR-M
1971 SR-T 100
1973 ST-T 102
1973 XK / X-1 professional SLR
1973 SR-T SC
1973 SR-T MC
1973-75 3rd and last generation SR-T 101
1974 XE-7 / XE electronic-controlled shutter; semi-pro; multiple exposure lever
1975 SR-T 200
1975 SR-T 201
1975 SR-T 202
1975 XEb / XE-5 simplified version of the XE
1976 XK Motor / X-1 Motor
1977 SR-T 100X
1977 SR-T MC-II
1977 SR-T SC-II
1977 XD / XD11 / XD7 1st SLR to have both TTL aperture-priority and shutter-priority automation; the last of Minolta's all metal bodied cameras; Leica R4 based on this body
1977 XG7 / XG2 / XG-E
1979 XD-s
1979 XG1
1979 XG-SE
1980 X-7
1981 XG-M
1981 X-700
1982 X-70
1983 X-500 / X-570
1983 X-600
1984 X-370 / X-300
1985 X-7A
1990 X-9
1990 X-370N / X-300s
1995 X-370s
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