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mirrorless cameras in 2012

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feature Olympus OM-D E-M5 Panasonic GH-3 Olympus E-PL5 Sony NEX7 Samsung NX200 Canon EOS-M
weatherproof metal quiet body yes yes no no no metal
crop factor 2.0x 2.0x 2.0 x 1.5 x 1.5x 1.6x
flip out touch screen yes tilt and touch yes swivel and touch flip and touch tilting no touch fixed no touch fixed touch
OLED screen yes yes yes no yes no
touch screen to AF and take photo yes yes yes no no ?
AF speed fastest of any camera medium medium-slow?
AF subject eye detection yes no yes no no no
built-in EVF yes yes accessory yes OLED no no
built-in IS 5EV 5 axis no yes no no no
silent IS during movies for all lenses yes no yes no no no
IS assist magnified MF in EVF all lenses yes no yes no no no
peaking assist manual focus no maybe coming no yes no no
flash sync 1/250th with new flashes 1/160th 1/250th 1/160th 1/180th 1/200th
flash exposure compensation 3EV ? 3EV ? 2EV ?
built-in flash bundled, plug in yes yes yes no bundled
remote TTL flash yes yes yes yes no yes
OOC jpeg colours excellent v.good excellent v.good v.good v.good?
exposure compensation 3EV 5EV 3EV 2EV 3EV 3EV
fastest shutter 1/4000th 1/4000th (1/16000th in video) 1/4000th 1/4000th 1/4000th 1/4000th
longest timed shutter 60sec + timed BULB to 8min 30sec 60sec 30sec 30sec 60sec
megapixels (if you really care) 16mp 16mp 16mp 24mp 20mp 18mp
ISO range (if you really care) 200-25,600 125-25,600 200-25,600 100-16,000 100-12,800 100-25,600
high ISO performance good+ good+ good + good+ good + good+
burst rate 9fps, 4.2fps with AF 6fps 8fps 3fps, 10fps special mode 7fps 4.3fps, 1.2fps with tracking AF
uncropped 16:9 stills no no no no no no
HD 1080 video 30p/60i 20mbps .MOV 24p/25p/30p/50p/60p 72mbps .MOV 30p/60i 20mbps .MOV 24p/60p 28mbps AVCHD 30p only (mp4) 24/25/30p
HD 720 mjpeg 50/60p 50/60fps 30fps mjpeg 60p 17mbps AVCHD 50/60p 30/60p mp4 + 0.5x slowmo
ext.mic port via accessory yes yes yes no yes
IR remote control no no no yes no ?
opt. full control grips with 2nd battery yes yes no no no no
opt. underwater housing yes no no no no no
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