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full frame mirrorless camera systems

a brief comparison

Sony Nikon Z Canon R Panasonic S
sports camera Sony a9 $4500 nil nil nil
sports camera specs 24mp, 5/10/20fps; 4K30p; 693PDAF; 5EV IBIS; 3.7mdot EVF; dual SD; nil nil nil
HiRes camera Sony a7RIII $3200 Nikon Z7 $3400 nil Panasonic S1R $3699
HiRes camera specs 42mp, 8/10fps; 4K30p; 399PDAF; 5EV IBIS; dual SD; 46mp, 4K30p; 493PDAF; 5EV IBIS; 3.7mdot EVF; single XQD; nil 47mp, 6/9fps; 4K60p; 493PDAF; 5EV IBIS; 5.7mdot EVF; dual XQD/SD; 187mp HiRes mode;
standard camera Sony a7III $1999 Nikon Z6 $1999 Canon R $2299 Panasonic S1 $2499
standard camera specs 24mp, 8/10fps; 4K30p; 693PDAF; 5EV IBIS; 2.3mdot EVF; dual SD; 25mp, 12fps; 4K30p; 273PDAF; 5EV IBIS; 3.7mdot EVF; single XQD; 30mp, 3/5/8fps; 4K30p 1.7x crop; 5655AF; No IBIS; 3.7mdot EVF; single SD; 24mp, 6/9fps; 4K60p; 225CDAF/DFD; 5EV IBIS; 5.7mdot EVF; dual XQD/SD; 96mp HiRes mode;
budget camera Sony a7II $899 nil Canon RP $1299 nil
pros best eye tracking AF (except Sony a7II) best EVF; HiRes mode; better, larger camera build
cons dubious weathersealing; ergonomics and menu system not great no dual card; no dual card; no IBIS large, heavy camera; no PDAF;
lens pros reasonable range of native lenses; 24mm f/1.4 best 24mm prime; best 50mm and 85mm f/1.2 lenses; programmable ring; MF clutch on lenses;
lens cons expensive minimal range; expensive minimal range; expensive minimal range; expensive

Camera comparison details

Nikon Z6 Sony a7III Nikon D750 Nikon Z7 Sony a7RIII Nikon D850
sensor 24.5mp 24mp 24.3mp 45.7mp 42mp 45.7mp
price $US in 2018 $1999 $1999 $1699 $3400 $3199 $3299
weight 675g 650g 755g 675g 657g 915g+batt
sensor IS Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
weathersealing Exc Good Exc Exc Good Exc
memory card slots one XQD/CFExpress# SD +MemStick two SD one XQD/CFExpress# two SD XQD + SD
viewfinder 3.7mdot EVF 2.3mdot EVF optical 3.7mdot EVF 3.7mdot EVF optical
rear screen 2.1m, tilt, touch 921k, tilt, part touch 1.2m tilt, non-touch 2.1m, tilt, touch 1.4m, tilt, part touch 2.36m, tilt, touch
burst rate 12fps 10fps 6.5fps 9fps 10fps 6fps (9 w battery grip)
AF points 273 693 51 493 399 153
AF coverage 93% centre 90% 63% ?50%
AF tracking clunky? Yes 3D clunky? Yes 3D
Eye AF tracking No/firmware upgrade? Yes No No/firmware upgrade? Yes No
Fastest mech. shutter 1/8000th 1/8000th 1/4000th 1/8000th 1/8000th 1/8000th
4K video 30p 30p 100Mbps nil 30p 30p 100Mbps 30p
1080HD video 120p 120p 100Mbps 30p basic 120p 120p 100Mbps 60p
comments ProRes RAW Video via firmware upgrade coming basic entry level feature set ProRes RAW Video via firmware upgrade coming
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