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Olympus m.ZD 25mm f/1.8 standard lens



  • 25mm f/1.8 equates to 50mm f/3.6 in full frame lenses, but unlike 50mm full frame lenses, is sharper across the frame, will AF faster, be image stabilised and have eye detection AF on Olympus cameras
  • 7 circular blades
  • 9 elements in 7 groups incl. 2 aspherical elements
  • close focus 0.24m (0.12x magnification)
  • stepper motor AF
  • internal focus
  • 46mm filter
  • 56mm diam x 41mm long
  • 136g
  • hood supplied
  • £369 / $US399


    • a must have lens - 50mm equivalent field of view is perhaps the most versatile of all focal lengths
    • sharpness level of the 25mm F1.8 is on par with 45mm F1.8 (if not slightly better than the 45mm!)
    • very sharp wide open
    • not as sharp as the 75mm F1.8 (one of the sharpest lenses around in the market) but the look and feel of the images somehow came out with similar tones
    • nice bokeh - out of focus area has very good “creaminess”, with round shaped bokeh and overall looking very pleasing
    • much closer focusing than most other “50mm” lenses
    • almost no noticeable barrel distortion, and very little chromatic aberration - but perhaps corrected by the Olympus EM-10 camera
    • focusing was extremely fast and silent, and deadly accurate
    • the Olympus 25mm f/1.8 is:
      • smaller, lighter, less expensive, sharper across the frame, slightly wider field of view, has less CA ands more accurate, faster AF on Olympus cameras, appears to allow more light in at similar f stops, can focus closer and thus give higher magnification images, but cannot achieve quite as much background blurring/shallow DOF given the 2/3rds EV aperture disadvantage- but sufficient for most people.
    • extremely sharp in centre wide open but even sharper at f/2.8 where overall sharpness peaks
    • edges show good sharpness wide open and are best at f/8
    • CA well controlled < 0.5px wide open
    • vignetting 1.2 EV wide open, negligible by f/5.6
    • only 1.07% barrel distortion
    • very resistant to flare
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