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Olympus OM 24mm f/3.5 shift lens


  • the first Perspective Control lens type that broke the 24mm barrier in 35mm SLR photography (1984).
  • due to its protruding and the extra large front element, the lens was designed with a built-in protective scallop hood to protect the front ED glass lens element.
  • an internal revolving filter turret supplies filters where a Neutral Density, Y48, O56, R60 are provided.
  • a beautiful lens that many architectural photographers bought and converted to Nikon mounts. It is reportedly much sharper than the Canon version, and once converted, will work in stop-down metering mode just like Nikon's PC lenses.


  • 24mm f/3.5 shift
  • 84 deg field of view; maximum shift 100° (10mm)
  • 57mm image circle
  • 10 groups, 12 elements (mulitcoated)
  • internal focus
  • close focus 0.35m giving subject 36cm x 24cm (14.2“ x 9.4”)
  • manual preset aperture diaphragm
  • internal wheel filters (Neutral, Y48, O56, R60);
  • 6 blades;
  • 84mm (3.3“) diam x 75mm (3.0”)
  • 510g (18 oz)
  • used $US900-1600


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