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Olympus ZD 14-54mm f/2.8-3.5 II zoom lens



  • 14-54mm focal length = 28-108mm field of view coverage in 35mm terms
  • f/2.8 (wide) - f/3.5(tele) to f/22
  • weatherproofed
  • 15 Elements in 11 Groups, 3 Aspherical lenses
  • Floating & Internal Focusing System
  • close focus 0.22m = 0.26x macro
  • 7 circular blades
  • 67mm filter
  • 74.5 x 88.5mm
  • 440g
  • $549


mark I
  • some vignetting at f/2.8 in extreme corners but less than the Leica;
  • when compared to the Leica D 14-50mm (see here and open the pdf):
    • very similar performance but Zuiko has less vignetting and better corner resolution wide open at wide angle while the Leica has better corner resolution at wide angle at telephoto.
mark II
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