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Olympus ZD 90-250mm f/2.8 super telephoto lens


  • Super High Grade (SHG) Olympus Four Thirds dSLR system lens
  • this is a unique super telephoto zoom lens covering 180-500mm field of view with a bight f/2.8 constant aperture
  • a fantastic lens for action or wildlife photography and unique at 180-500mm equiv. f/2.8 but ~$US6000 or $A10,000 and 3.27kg with 105mm filter
  • the longest zoom made by Canon is their 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS which weighs 1.36kg but 2 stops slower.
  • Canon make a 400mm f/2.8L IS lens but this is 5.3kg while the 500mm f/4L IS is 3.9kg and 1 stop slower.


  • 90-250mm focal length = 180-500mm field of view on 35mm cameras
  • f/2.8-f/22
  • 17 Elements in 12 Groups, including 3 ED lenses
  • weatherproofed
  • close focus 2.5m = 0.08x macro
  • 105mm filter
  • 124 x 276 mm
  • 3,270g
  • compatible with extension tubes and teleconverters
  • $5999


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