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Olympus OM System mZD 40-150mm f/4 pro lens



  • IP53 weather rating
  • flourine coatings as well as Zero coatings
  • 62mm front filter thread
  • MSC stepper motor AF
  • completely new design, constructed of 15 elements in nine groups. It includes two Extra-low dispersion (ED) elements, one Super ED element, one High Refractive (HR) element and two aspherical elements.
  • close focus 70cm (27.6”) 0.41x macro and supports Focus Stacking
  • 69mm diam x 99mm long
  • uses an inner zoom system that keeps the lens length the same across the entire focal length, suppressing center of gravity changes while zooming.
  • equipped with a mechanism that makes it possible to retract and store the lens simply by turning the zoom ring
  • 382g (13.5oz) w/o lens cap or hood
  • $US900
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