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OM System OM-1 mark II mirrorless camera


  • announced Jan 2024 as a minor upgrade to the Olympus OM System OM-1 mirrorless camera but which substantially improves wildlife shooting (and adds human AF recognition even if face not towards camera)
  • this mark II updates the original 2022 version with more RAM and this enables improved features (see below)


new features

  • more RAM onboard
  • improved AI AF
    • new Human detection mode, which extends subject recognition beyond just face detection but also means that all the camera's recognition modes are now integrated within the same section of the interface
  • refresh rate of the AF system has been improved, boosting the performance of the (non-recognition-based) C-AF + Tracking mode
  • IBIS now rated at 8.5EV of correction
  • extends blackout-free shooting to some of its slower burst rates
  • buffer almost double the size - 256 Raw frames at 50fps or in ProCapture mode, 213 in its single (initial) AF 120fps mode up from 92
  • simulated graduated neutral density filter lets you adjust the severity of the gradient - hard, medium or soft edge, and whether you want it to have a 1, 2, or 3-stop impact (ND 2, 4 or 8), and adjust its position and angle
  • Live ND feature adds an extra stop and is now 7 stops (ND128 filter)
  • 14-bit multi-shot hi-res Raw
  • vertical video mode added

compared to OM-1 original version

  • same 20mp IMX472 stacked backside-illuminated CMOS sensor from Sony and has a sensor readout of 1/125th sec and 1053 quad-pixel PDAF points (previous E-M1III cameras had 121)
  • same TruePic X Dual Quad Core Processor
  • same 5.76Mdot EVF with zero blackout capability at up to 120fps burst but now also at slower burst rates
  • same 1.62mdot articulating LCD panel
  • same grip
  • same menu
  • same BLX-1 Li-ion battery and still compatible with BLH-1 battery
  • same physical lay out
  • same albeit better ability for AF to detect and track Formula cars, rally cars, motorcycles / Aircrafts, helicopters / Bullet trains, standard trains, steam locomotives / Birds / Dogs, cats and now humans (not just face/eye)
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