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Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 X HD weatherproof lens


  • version I released May 2012, this is Panasonic's 1st weathersealed lens and its first zoom lens with constant aperture throughout the zoom range
  • giving a 35mm equivalent field of view of a 24-70mm lens, it is half the size of its f/2.8 24-70mm full frame counterparts, with much faster and more accurate AF of still subjects, but of course does not offer the same ability to have narrow depth of field (DOF)
  • nevertheless, the f/2.8 aperture combined with its compact size, weatherproofing, high image quality and image stabiliser means it will be an awesome travel lens in particular.
  • version ii announced in Jan 2017 offers better weathersealing, and smoother aperture variance when zooming
  • both lenses can support Dual Sync IS (version I needs firmware upgrade)


  • 12-35mm f/2.8 = 24-70mm field of view in 35mm full frame terms
  • Power OIS optical image stabiliser
  • weathersealed
  • 14 elements in 9 groups including 4x ASPH, UHR, UED elements
  • 7 rounded blades
  • internal focusing
  • closest focus 0.25m = 0:0.17x macro
  • 58mm filter
  • 67.6 x 73.8mm
  • 305g
  • € 1,100


  • zoom control somewhat sloppy
  • MF by wire as with most lenses these days
  • lens hood falls off easily
  • version I allows Dual IS I with firmware update, version II allows Dual IS II


    • very sharp throughout the frame wide open but sharpest at f/8 in the centre
    • complete absence of CA in the centre and only small amounts in corners where there is also some astigmatism
    • some vignetting wide open but this is further corrected by software
    • easily correctable minimal distortions
    • very nice bokeh
    • sharp wide opens except wide end at closest focus and infinity in the corners
    • mild CA and distortion wide open at wide end
    • bokeh a little nervous at wide end but smoother at long end of focal lengths
    • susceptible to flare
    • but beautiful compact lens for an f/2.8 zoom, although a touch heavy for the smallest cameras



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