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Panasonic G5 camera


  • the G5 was announced in July 2012 and improves upon the very popular Panasonic G3 camera by adding:
    • new 16mp sensor, redesigned Venus imaging engine with 3DNR and multi-process NR, ISO 160-12,800
    • in-camera HDR mode to combine exposure bracketed images
    • full area touch AF and faster AF
    • 6fps burst rate instead of 4fps
    • additional function lever near shutter release
    • redesigned EVF which now has eye sensor for automatic activation with optional sensitivity settings and can automatically start AF
    • new Touch Pad function allows simulataneous use of EVF and LCD screen
    • 920K LCD screen instead of 460K screen
    • larger hand grip and repositioned shutter release button
    • reduced lag time to display images
    • electronic level gauge for horizon assistance
    • electronic silent shutter mode
    • 9 new image filter options
    • 28Mbps 1080 25/30/50/60p HD video with setereo mic in either mp4 or AVCHD Progressive (MPEG-4) formats with new Touch AF video capability and up to 4.8x digital zoom without image quality loss

compared to the GH series

  • the GH series of Micro Four Thirds system are the current top models made by Panasonic and are differentiated from this G5 by:
    • over-sized sensor allowing uncropped native 16:9 aspect ratio images
    • highest HD video capabilities with highest movie quality
    • top panel switch controls that make it easier to select:
      • focus mode: S-AF, C-AF or MF
      • drive/self-timer: single, burst, self-timer
    • largest buffer and thus fastest burst rate
    • more powerful built-in flash
    • higher price


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