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Panasonic GH-1 camera


  • the GH series of Micro Four Thirds system are the current top models made by Panasonic and are differentiated from the G series by:
    • over-sized sensor allowing uncropped native 16:9 aspect ratio images
    • highest HD video capabilities with highest movie quality
    • automatic eye detection to activate and deactivate the built-in EVF
    • top panel switch controls that make it easier to select:
      • focus mode: S-AF, C-AF or MF
      • drive/self-timer: single, burst, self-timer
    • largest buffer and thus fastest burst rate
    • more powerful built-in flash
    • higher price
  • GH-1 was announced in 2009 and quickly became a favorite amongst videographers in particular.
  • it was superceded by the Panasonic GH-2 camera in Sept 2010.
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