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Panasonic GH-2 camera

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  • the hacked GH-2 is one of the top two dSLR/mirrorless cameras for HD video quality in early 2012, perhaps matched only by the Nikon D800 dSLR
    • has better resolution and compression codec which grades better than the SonyNEX72)
    • much better resolution and compression codec than full frame 1080p HD video of the Canon 5D Mark III dSLR or Nikon D4 sports dSLR3)
    • the smaller sensor and larger depth of field (DOF) actually makes for better HD video at wide open apertures than full frame sensors which generally have too narrow a DOF
    • better 1080p video than Canon 7D or Nikon cropped sensor dSLRs
    • nice ISO 12,800 HD video for low light using the GH-24)
    • “The fact remains – most of your audience won’t tell the difference whether your film is shot on the Scarlet or GH2. It is not the size of your gun that counts, but what you do with it”5)
    • has the best range of HD video optimised AF lenses available
  • the GH series of Micro Four Thirds system are the current top models made by Panasonic and are differentiated from the G series by:
    • over-sized sensor allowing uncropped native 16:9 aspect ratio images (this is NOT available in the new GH-3 though!)
    • highest HD video capabilities with highest movie quality
    • automatic eye detection to activate and deactivate the built-in EVF
    • top panel switch controls that make it easier to select:
      • focus mode: S-AF, C-AF or MF
      • drive/self-timer: single, burst, self-timer
    • largest buffer and thus fastest burst rate
    • more powerful built-in flash
    • higher price
  • GH-2 was announced in Sept 2010.
  • the GH-2 replaced the excellent, ground breaking Panasonic GH-1 camera which had become a favorite amongst videographers in particular, and added the following features:
    • 16mp sensor with improved noise at high ISO
    • twice as fast signal refresh rate (120fps instead of 60fps) for improved EVF performance and faster AF “Light Speed AF”
    • touch screen allowing touch to determine subject on which to AF and then when AF achieved, optionally, automatically take the photo
    • AVCHD video improved from 17mbps to 23mbps and added 24p mode and a Cinema grading mode as well as variable frame rate mode
    • simultaneous HDMI out during video mode
    • 3D video capability with new 3D stereo lens
    • 5fps mechanical shutter with option of 40fps electronic shutter at only 4Mb and for max. 1sec
    • digital zoom in video mode increased to 2.6x
    • an exposure indicator warning of over-exposure during movie recording – “the wash-out areas are indicated with lighting highlight when recording movie”
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