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Panasonic GX-1 camera


  • the GX series are the current top models of compact versions of Micro Four Thirds system without built-in EVFs made by Panasonic
  • announced Nov 2011 at MSRP $US699 body only
  • 16mp sensor (?same as in the G3), compact enthusiast design with solid metal body weighing 272g similar to the GF-1 body styling
  • built-in pop up flash plus hot-shoe
  • optional add on EVF - the new high resolution 1.44megadot tiltable LVF2 viewfinder (older LVF1 will not fit!)
  • ISO to 12,800
  • revamped CD-AF with full-area AF, fast 0.09sec AF (10% faster than the G3), new AFF focus mode which allows half-press shutter to lock a subject but then move with the subject
  • 3“ touch screen 460K dot LCD
  • new level gauge, orientation sensor, 4 Fn buttons
  • stereo mic with choice of four microphone input levels
  • 17Mbps 1080i AVCHD video
  • same battery as G3 and GF2
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