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Panasonic GX-8


  • announced July 2015
  • 20mp sensor with 1/3EV more dynamic range and faster readout
  • similar 4K video functionality as for G7
  • intervalometer and timelapse
  • new post-focus mode allows users to select different focus points after shot is taken via 4K 30fps shots
  • 'Random Filter' noise reduction
  • 8fps with S-AF, 6fps with C-AF
  • shutter to 1/8000th sec and 1/1600oth sec in electronic shutter mode while BULB has been extended from 2min to 30min
  • splashproof
  • sensor image stabiliser which works with OIS
  • larger than the GX7 with added dedicated exposure compensation dial and new G7-type button which is a bit like the Olympus 2×2 switch and improved articulated EVF with 2.36m dot OLED panel and 1.54x magnification (0.77x in full frame terms)
  • rear screen now OLED not LCD and is not fully articulated not just tiltable
  • no pop-up flash
  • compatible with Promote Systems' tethering software for USB-connected control of the camera and import into Lightroom


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