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Panasonic GX85 /GX80 Lumix camera


  • announced in late 2016
  • 4K video Micro Four Thirds system mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses
  • known as GX80 in some countries and GX85 in others


  • 16mp sensor and no optical low-pass filter which gives more detail but risks moire with fabrics, etc
  • 4EV 5 axis in body image stabiliser (with Dual IS when used with Panasonic OIS lenses and also works in video mode)
  • weathersealed
  • fixed 2.76M-dot 16:9 electronic viewfinder with 0.7x magnification
  • hotshoe and built-in mini-flash (GN4.2m at ISO 100)
  • flash sync 1/160th sec
  • 49-point CDAF fast AF with Panasonic's DFD AF technology
    • DFD is only with Panasonic Micro Four Thirds lenses and gives 0.07 seconds AF lock
    • AF tracking 200% better than with the GX7
    • as with the GX7 and GX8, AF works down to -4EV light conditions - now that is low light!
  • Starlight AF mode to AF on stars!
  • Focus peaking, Pinpoint AF
  • Face/Eye Detection AF that automatically detects the face and left or right eye of your subject but not the closest eye as with Olympus
  • 49-Area/Custom Multi mode, which lets you freely select a custom group of AF areas
  • new Focus Bracketing mode
  • 4K Post Focus option allows user to select focus point after shot taken - probably not useful
  • in camera Panoramic stitching
  • new Aperture Bracketing feature, in which a series of images are captured with varying depth of field (DOF)
  • GX8's Clear Retouch
  • 4K Photo mode 8mp 30fps jpegs from 4K video
  • 4K-based Light Composition mode, which continuously captures a 4K video stream, but only records new brighter pixels into a single final composition shots - similar effect as Olympus Live Composite mode but only 4K jpegs not full RAW
  • expanded in-camera panorama options - also has an 8176 x 960 or 1280 x 7680 resolution wider angle panorama mode
  • tilting rear 1.04Mdot LCD touch screen as with GX7
  • improved shutter mechanism reduces shutter shock by 90% while being even quieter
  • 22 Creative Control filter modes - now also available in PASM and video shooting modes
  • 6fps burst (10fps burst with electronic shutter but AF on 1st shot only)
  • mechanical shutter only to 1/4000th sec but electronic shutter goes to 1/16,000th sec
  • video:
    • 4K 24/30p MP4 100Mbps video
      • unlimited duration for the NTSC-region model - starts new file when file hits 4Gb size
      • new 4K Live Cropping feature
    • 1080HD 30p 20Mbps MP4, 60p 28Mbps MP4 / AVCHD, 30p 28Mbps AVCHD
    • stereo microphone ports on top of the camera
    • BUT NO external microphone jack or headphone jack.
  • one SD card slot: SDHC and SDXC types, and UHS-I types are supported (UHS Speed Class 3 required for 4K recording)
  • WiFi but no NFC, gives smartphone remote control and image sharing
  • 426g


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