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Panasonic GX850 / GX800 camera


  • announced in late 2016
  • Micro Four Thirds system mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses
  • GX800 model is the European version


  • 16mp sensor without an optical low-pass filter (as with Panasonic GX85 /GX80 Lumix camera)
  • no in body image stabiliser
  • not weathersealed
  • no electronic viewfinder
  • no hotshoe but built-in mini-flash (GN 4m at ISO 100)
  • flash sync 1/50th sec
  • 5.8fps burst to 15 RAW or 100 jpegs
  • 49pt CDAFfast AF with Panasonic's DFD AF technology - only with Panasonic Micro Four Thirds lenses
  • 4K Focus Stacking mode
  • 4K Post focus
  • 4K 24/30p video but maximum of 5 minutes to avoid overheating the small body
  • 1080HD 24/30/60p video - 20min max at 60p, unlimited with 24/30p (GX800 limited to 29min 59sec)
  • optimised for selfies:
    • flip up rear LCD screen
    • hands free selfie mode - takes a shot when it detects a face or multiple people (“Buddy Shutter” mode)
    • 4K Photo Mode continuously records at 30fps then you select the shot you want - does not track moving subjects well so you may get lots of out of focus shots
    • “Beauty Retouch” filter in a future firmware update in Spring 2017, automatically applies retouching effects such as smoothing the skin, removing blemishes and whitening teeth
  • microSD card slot
  • USB in camera battery charging possible
  • WiFi smartphone remote control and image sharing
  • 336g


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