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some handy photography links to other websites

online digital photo storage for travellers

freelance photographic models, photographers, and stylists online databases, galleries,etc:

online photography forums:

photography information, tips or tutorial blogs:

film photography blogs

online photography tutorials:

online photography / design schools:

photography calculators:

online camera reviews:

manufacturers websites:

Melbourne camera retailers:

    • 217 Elizabeth St, Melbourne. ph: (03) 9670 6901
  • Camera House:
    • 95 Puckle St Moonee Ponds VIC 3039. ph: (03) 9370 4669
  • Camera lane retailers & pawnbrokers:
    • 391 Lt Bourke St Melbourne VIC 3000. ph: (03) 9670 0560
    • Cnr Elizabeth & Lonsdale Sts Melbourne VIC 3000. ph: (03) 9672 2233
    • 235- 239 Elizabeth St Melbourne VIC 3000. ph: (03) 9602 3733
    • Highpoint Shopping Cntr, Shop 236-237, Rosamond Rd, Maribyrnong VIC 3032. ph: (03) 9317 4477
  • Camera Lane:
    • 391 Lt Bourke St (cnr Hardware Lane), Melbourne.
    • 219 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne.
    • professional photography gear + online store; 159 Cardigan St, Carlton. VIP discount card $20/yr.
    • professional; mainly Canon, Nikon plus studio gear.
    • camera rental available with 36 month terms
    • 108 Johnston Street, Collingwood ph: (03) 9416 2848
    • 257 Bridge Road, Richmond, Victoria 3121
  • Image Melbourne - mainly lighting equipment such as Cactus radio remotes
    • 122 Johnston St, Collingwood
  • Baltronics - mainly for professionals; no prices on website
  • Photographic Warehouse (cameras) & AC & DC Distributors (photo batteries) - Shop 5, Nicholson St, Bentleigh. PO Box 84, Bentleigh, 3204. ph: 9578-3074 or 0415 858 170

Australian online photography stores:

camera, lens and photographic equipment hire in Melbourne:

camera clubs and networks:

photography book stores:

  • The Printed Image Bookshop - thousands of photo books including rare ones. 232 Chapel St, Prahran, Vic.
  • Bay Park Photos - online store (Sydney) - cameras, books (good prices), accessories
  • - online camera book store based in Canada ship internationally
  • Photographic Instruction Book Service - PO Box 17, Brighton Middle, 3186. ph: 9592-5577; fax: 9592-5566;
  • Great Photo Books - Indiana based website of photography books

photography workshops:

photography magazines:

  • Photographic Trader - used camera trading magazine at newsagents
  • McKeown's cameras & View Camera (large format cameras) at Mainline Photo (Sydney)
  • Erotic and Art (European magazine)

photographic print / processing labs in Melbourne:

photographic galleries in Melbourne:

photographic equipment and services expos:

photography album/folio suppliers and binders:

self-publishing of photo books, calendars, etc:

  • - online site allows you to self-publish photobooks, calendars, etc by generating a print-ready pdf
  • - create your own photo book using their free pdf tool & they will print, bind & deliver a book from it, and allow others to purchase it.
  • Blurb - allows others to preview and purchase your book online if you wish
  • My Reflections - Australian company - your book is not hosted on their website for sale to others
  • PhotoBooksWA - Australian company - your book is not hosted on their website for sale to others - mainly hardback A4 books, plus calendars, posters, etc.
  • AsukaBook - high end albums but must be ordered through professional photographers only
  • Pikto - Canadian
  • Happy - Fotoboek

photographic digital manipulation services:

  • PictureGraphs - Melbourne-based, consumer-oriented production of framed montage-type prints

photography imaging software:

general image editing software:

Photoshop plugins:

noise reduction software:

sharpening software to replace USM:

  • Photokit Sharpener from Pixel Genius

EXIF image tag readers:

GPS data tagging software:

panorama image stitching software:

  • Panorama Factory - good automated stitcher, 30 day shareware.
  • PanoTools - freeware but you need to do a lot of manual work. You can buy an interface for this at
  • PanaVue Image Assembler - not freeware, but provides very high stitching accuracy and manual stitch point correction. Allows for vertical stitching of photo rows. Stitches individual photos with extremely size differences. Handles camera tilt in the elevation angle (deviation from the horizontal direction) - a feature most other stitchers do not have.
  • PhotoVista - 30 day test version.
  • - free demo version - fully automatic but jpegs only & not always get good results
  • - also has robotic automated panorama heads

high dynamic range (HDR) image production and tone mapping

depth of field adjustment:

  • Helicon Focus - automatically stacks images taken with different focus points to generate an image with much greater DOF.

lens distortion correction:

lens resolution, MTF and aberration testing:

file recovery software for when you can't read your image files on your memory card:

  • Through-the-lens gallery constructor - freeware, based on XML/XSL technology
  • JAlbum - freeware, Java software but produces htmls for upload uses css & javascript.
    • automatically creates folders and thumbnails which link to original jpgs which remain unaltered.
    • various skins. Unfortunately, they now have annoying ads popup at the bottom.
  • Menalto's Gallery - freeware php-based
  • free php web content management systems:
  • Zoomifyer - create images that user can zoom in/out

slideshow software:

printing software:

examples of retouching model photos before and after for magazines:

software to control your camera while taking photos:

digital photo frames (LCD panels designed for displaying photos):

other photographic directories:

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