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Pocket Wizard radio wireless remote flash system

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  • dedicated to ONLY one camera brand for that model - at present, only Canon OR Nikon
  • NOT yet fully compatible with Canon 1D X sports dSLR, Canon 5D Mark III dSLR, Canon ST-E3-RT, Canon 600EX-RT, Nikon D800 dSLR, Nikon D4 sports dSLR, Nikon SB-910 - see their website firmware plans
  • make sure all components are same frequency (eg. 433MHz for Australia and Europe)
  • TTL not compatible with all flashes - see compatibility
    • in particular, the only Metz flash systems models which are TTL compatible are the 48 AF-1 and 58 AF-1
  • Basic Trigger Mode for non-TTL flash with cameras other than Canon or Nikon:
    • for some reason Olympus mount flashes do NOT fire when mounted on the Mini-TT1 or Flex TT5
    • you can use a Canon mount flash with an Olympus camera though and it will fire!


  • the Mini-TT1 and Flex-TT5 units are camera brand specific but allow radio wireless remote TTL flash with compatible flashes and cameras, plus allow hypersync for full output flash at faster shutter speeds and the usual HSS flash mode
    • can be used on other brand cameras (eg. Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, Fuji, Samsung) in non-TTL non-dedicated mode with some loss of functions (no SuperFP/HSS mode, no Hypersync mode) if the transmitter is set to the correct mode beforehand using a computer and USB interface (each transmitter has 2 programmable modes so it is handy to have one of these programmed to a non-dedicated mode)
      • eg. a Metz 45CL-4 digital flash with Canon 1D Mark III will sync in non-TTL non-dedicated mode at 1/250th sec or with an Olympus E-M5 at 1/200th sec (for comparison, a Canon 580EX II will hypersync in TTL or non-TTL dedicated mode on a Canon 1D MIII at 1/500th sec)
    • compatible with other Pocket Wizard units such as the Plus series and MultiMax but not in TTL mode.
  • PocketWizard adapters are available to allow some later model Sekonic light meters to remotely trigger the PocketWizard-enabled flash system for metering purposes when not using TTL mode.




  • allows interesting hypersync flash mode (extra 1-2 stops to 1/500th sec may be possible on some cameras such as Canon 1D Mark III digital SLR) without loss of light as occurs in focal plane flash modes
  • compatible with focal plane / high speed flash modes to 1/8000th sec
  • tracks your changes in ISO, shutter speed and aperture and reacts accordingly to make sure exposures stay right on target.
  • optional module can control new Bowens Gemini R studio flashes
  • 20 controlTL TTL channels or 32 manual channels
  • 3 zone selector (A-B-C) for compatibility with Canon e-TTL zones
  • USB software utility allows you to configure your channel settings, dial in your HyperSync timing, adjust your sleep-mode timers as well as update your product to the latest firmware.
  • With Auto Relay Mode you can easily trigger a remote camera in sync with remote flash.
  • 6.9cm antenna, said to cover 240m in TTL and 365 in manual mode
  • camera port: 1/8“ (3.5 mm) stereo miniphone for 2-stage remote camera triggering.
  • flash port: 1/8” (3.5 mm) mono miniphone.
  • compatible with MiniTT1 (incl. TTL), Multimax (hypersync but no TTL)
  • Canon Speedlite models 580EX and 580EX II, and especially the 430EX (not the 430EX II), emit RF interference that can substantially reduce the effective operating range of many radio slaves, including the FlexTT5. For these model flashes, utilize the mounting suggestions in the manual.
  • Working with a Canon 580EXII in the shoe of the MiniTT1 or FlexTT5, you can independently control the power output of up to three groups of lights (you can have as many lights in each group as you want) from full power down to the lowest setting simply through the user interface on the back of the 580EXII
  • Basic Trigger Mode. When enabled, it allows the MiniTT1 or FlexTT5 to work as a transmitter on ANY camera it will fit.
  • initial version had teething issues - hopefully resolved with new firmware

Pocket Wizard MiniTT1:


AC-3 Zone Controller


  • slides into hotshoe of the MiniTT1 or FlexTT5 to provide very easy control of each of the 3 groups of flashes (zones)

AC-9 Alien Bees adapter

  • allows a Flex-TT5 to attach to an Alien Bees or White Lightning studio flash which allows you to remotely control its flash output (eg. via an AC-3 zone controller) from another Flex-TT5 or MiniTT1 unit


  • plugs into a Einstein studio flash to allow your FlexTT5 or MiniTT1 remotely control its output and trigger it


  • plugs into a Elinchrom RX studio flash to allow your FlexTT5 or MiniTT1 remotely control its output and trigger it

Pocket Wizard non-TTL models

  • professional reliability but expensive
  • long range
  • make sure all components are same frequency (eg. 433MHz for Australia and Europe)
  • compatible with PocketWizard TTL models but obviously no TTL metering support available

Plus IV Tranciever

Plus III


  • announced Feb 2012
  • totally redesigned evolution of the highly successful Plus II model, adding:
    • ability to trigger four groups of cameras and flashes over 32 radio channels
    • faster continuous shooting, triggering at up to 14.5 fps
    • ability to communicate via a repeater radio transmitter to extend the system's range
    • ability to half-press, rather than just firing the shutter on remote cameras
    • back-lit LCD panel, making it easier to use
    • RRP $139



Plus II


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