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Rubinar 500mm f/5.6 mirror lens


  • this Russian made super telephoto lens introduced in ? is a modified Maksutov catadioptric mirror lens, and as with all such mirror lenses, share the following characteristics:
    • manual focus
    • fixed aperture (in this case f/5.6)
    • virtual elimination of chromatic aberration as uses mirror rather than lenses
      • also means focus position for infrared photography is the same as for light photography
    • central mirror:
      • allows much more compact lens length as the optic path is reflected internally twice
      • by necessity, blocks some of the light and thus causes:
        • decrease in image contrast
        • characteristic “doughnut” shaped bokeh imagery in out of focus areas


  • 500mm focal length and field of view (5°) at infinity focus
  • fixed f/5.6 aperture
  • lens elements, ? groups
  • closest focus m
  • M116 rear filter thread
  • M42 lens mount thread
  • mm diameter, mm long and kg


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