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Sony a9ii full frame mirrorless camera


  • announced Oct 2019 compared with the Sony a9 full frame mirrorless camera original model, it has:
    • upgraded the BIONZ X Image-Processing engine and front-end LSI for improved autofocus speed and precision, face detection and EVF response
    • better AF performance and tracking
      • tuned the AF algorithms to achieve even more reliable tracking of fast and unpredictable moving subjects
      • better AF in strongly backlit situations
      • C-AF tracking works down to f/16
      • Real Time Eye AF tracking now in Movie mode (as with the Sony a7R IV)
    • improved image quality and colors, improved AWB, cleaner high ISO, improved dynamic range
    • anti-flicker mode (but only works in mechanical shutter mode)
    • glowing red AF frame (as in the a7RIV and earlier A99II cameras)
    • embedded voice memo
    • improved weathersealing
    • improved “low vibration” mechanical shutter, faster (10fps instead of 5fps), more quiet, shorter lag time, much better flash performance
    • ergonomics now matches the Sony a7R IV, much better, deeper grip, improved joystick
    • faster WiFi 2.4GHz as with a9 but now adds 5GHz and ac
    • 2 UHS-II card slots instead of only one being UHS-II
    • fast USB-C charging
    • USB 3.2 type C instead of USB 2.0
    • high speed 1000BASE-T LAN port
    • file renaming for movies
    • digital audio via the new MI Shoe Digital Audio Interface as with the Sony a7R IV
    • PASM dial lock
    • menu can now set 12 settings for stills and 12 settings for movies making customisation for each simpler to switch between and can save 10 sets of FTP settings to a SD card
    • improved battery efficiency albeit only slightly (500 shots vs 480 shots)
    • slightly improved IBIS now “5.5EV” instead of “5.0EV”
    • greater potential for future firmware improvements


  • same 24.2-megapixel 35 mm full-frame stacked CMOS sensor from the a9
  • BIONZ X processor
  • 10fps mechanical shutter, up to 20fps electronic shutter with buffer of 361 JPEG, 239 RAW, 226 RAW+JPEG, 131 RAW (Uncompressed) (buffer is essentially same as the a9)
  • electronic shutter 1/8th sec to 1/32,000th sec
  • mechanical shutter 30sec to 1/8,000th sec, flash sync 1/250th sec
  • 693 phase and 425 contrast detection points
  • 5.5EV 5 axis IBIS but no pixel shift HiRes mode
  • 3.6 million dot EVF (same as the a9)
  • 1.4mdot rear LCD (same as the a9)
  • hotshoe with digital audio (same as the a7RIV)
  • 2 UHS-II card slots
  • LAN terminal; USB 3.2
  • 128.9mm x 96.4mm x 77.5mm
  • 678g (1lb 8.0 oz)
  • CIPA battery life 500 shots
  • $US4499

Firmware updates

  • v2.00 Apr 2020
    • Can now close the shutter when turning off the camera to reduce sensor dust
    • Adds the Hi Frequency flicker function, which allows you to reduce the impact of flickering of artificial light sources (e.g. digital signage, electronic signboards, LED lights, etc.), by more finely adjusting the shutter speed
    • Improves the Face/Eye Priority in the AF function:
      • When set to a custom key, the Face/Eye Priority in the AF function can be activated or deactivated each time the custom key is pressed
      • If Face/Eye Priority is already set to custom key, this improvement will be available after the camera is updated
    • Improves the Remote Camera Tool function by adding support for displaying Focus Frame for almost all scenes
    • Allows the camera’s MAC address to be displayed as a QR code
    • Allows you to save or load the customized camera settings to My MENU
    • Improves the overall stability of the camera
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