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Sony FE 14mm f/1.8 GM



  • close focus 25cm
  • 14 Elements in 11 Groups in cl. two XA (extreme aspherical) elements along with two ED (Extra Low dispersion), one Super ED, and one aspherical element
  • very sharp in centre at f/1.8
  • 9 rounded blades giving reasonable sunstars at f/11
  • lovely bokeh when closely focused
  • great for astrophotography with almost no coma, chromatic aberrations, or glow even in corners1)
  • Rear gel filters
  • Nano AR Coating II
  • 460g; 83mm x 99.8mm
  • $US1598


    • corners not as sharp and stopping down to f/8 does not solve this
    • sharpness and vignetting best at f/2.8-4
    • much less barrel distortion than the Sigma
    • much less onion ringing in bokeh than the Sigma and circles not as distorted in corners
    • nil longCA much better than the Sigma
    • minimal lateral CA
    • vignetting improves significantly at f/2
    • geometric distortion and vignetting were both kept to a minimum even on uncorrected RAW files
    • little to no evidence of chromatic aberrations
    • can boost the far corner sharpness by closing the aperture a stop or ideally two
    • some focus breathing is visible as you rack from near to far where it causes a magnification of the image as you focus closer
    • nice star shapes even in the corners
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