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360 degree spherical panoramas and Little Planet imagery


  • 360 degree panoramas can be:
    • cylindrical - eg. not include detail high or low - as with most stitched panoramas
    • spherical - includes everything - usually requires stitched images taken with fisheye lenses
    • Little Planet style - converted into a circular image

how to shoot and stitch 360 degree panoramas

Little Planet style images

  • generally start with 360 degree cylindrical panoramic image with at least 2:1 aspect ratio and left and right edges matching but can use any image where left and right edges match up (eg. islands)
  • ensure bottom quarter of image has little detail eg. sand
  • ensure upper quarter of image has little detail eg. blue sky
  • ensure horizon is exactly horizontal
  • then post-process:
    • stretch image to 1:1 ratio so it is a perfect square
    • rotate image 180deg so it is upside down
    • in PS, apply polar filter (Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates) and select Rectangular to Polar
      • or in Gimp, use Filters > Distorts > Polar Coords
    • rotate as desired
    • adjust contrast, etc


Image courtesy of PTgui

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