New pinhole solutions for the Micro Four Thirds cameras

Written by Gary on July 24th, 2009

As if the vast array of creative possibilities which the Micro Four Thirds system offers through its adaptable lens capability and HD video options with full manual control, along comes another option:

The pinzonie pinhole lens for Leica M mount – of course you will need to buy the Leica M to MFT adapter to use it.

Pinzonie on Leica

The Lensbaby can also do pinhole now as well – you may wish to get LensBaby in Nikon F or Canon EOS mount and then get an adapter for MFT.

You now have at least two paths to pinhole photography using the Panasonic GH-1 or Olympus E-P1.

Other resources on pinhole photography:

Given that such pinhole lenses tend to have an f/stop of about f/128, I am guessing with the GH-1’s ability to do 1/2 sec shutter speed HD videos at ISO 100-1600, this may be the 1st ever practical HD pinhole video camera!


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