Pentax 110 lens adapter for Micro Four Thirds

Written by Gary on January 30th, 2010

Yes, the variety of lens adapters for Micro Four Thirds cameras just keeps expanding.

One of the signs of a great product like Apple’s iPod and now Micro Four Thirds, is the magnitude of third party add-on products.

Jinfinance on Ebay has just released his first version of a Pentax 110 lens adapter – although unfortunately, this first version has a “light leak but does not seem to effect image quality” – the absence of adverse effects in images seems to be confirmed by users, so should not be an issue.

It seems there is no vignetting even with an 18mm lens and these lenses are nice and compact, but unfortunately these lenses have no aperture ring so you must shoot wide open, and minimum focal length is a bit long on all the lenses.

adapter on Pen

and, a photo from an early adopter (chronoguy on forums):

Pentax 110 lenses


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