Another example of digital infrared – cloudy vs sunny

Written by Gary on October 12th, 2008

Just before leaving the farmhouse in the previous post, I decided to go back to the car and get my digital infrared setup – in this case, the Canon 1DMIII, Olympus OM 21mm lens, tripod & Hoya R72 filter.

First an initial shot without the IR filter:

normal colour photo

Yep, it’s a nice old farmhouse, but the lighting had changed and it was now overcast and so as a color image it is a nice documentary image but not much more of merit.

Let’s see how it looks in IR, firstly under cloud cover and I guessed an exposure of 30secs, f/5.6 at ISO 100 which on checking the RGB histogram was pretty much spot on.

Image white balance using Lightroom, levels adjusted in PS and cropped.

cloudy IR

As you can see we have a nice Wood’s IR effect with grass and leaves becoming almost white while the blue sky is almost black. The long exposure resulted in motion effects of the clouds.

Just before I packed up, the sun came out and so I quickly guessed this one at f/8, 20secs which resulted in a fairly accurate exposure on RGB histogram. Processed as for previous image.

sunlit IR

Personally, I like the sunlit image as the sunlight has created more local contrasts which adds to the image.

more digital infrared here


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